Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brad's Bizzare Movie Spotlight: "Chickenfut"

When I watch an indie movie, I'm looking for something different. Yet when something is so different and just plain f'ing weird I get really fired up. That's the beauty of the indie. movie. It will give you something Hollywood either never has the balls to do or would just plain never think of. And the time to find something that's actually original could never be more relevant than now, when it seems Hollywood is playing it as safe as possible by spending so much of their time attempting to relaunch franchise after franchise.

That being said, I'd like to take this opportunity to showcase those really f'ing weird movies that are out there. Sure, it takes a lot of searching, but that makes it all the more worth it when you do find that diamond in the rough. These are the movies that you have to make your friends watch because explaining it just isn't enough. You've just got to see other's people's reactions to truly do the movie justice.

Dead Harvey is proud to present the very first in it's bizarre movie spotlight: "Chickenfut". Here's it's description from the back of the box: "When an awkward German exchange student is possessed by the spirit of his prized chicken, he is given the power to fight back and avenge the death of his beloved Gisela. Young Gunter's bizarre and tragic tale speaks to anyone who has suffered at the hands of the cruel and the mighty."

Pretty f'ing weird huh? Wait 'till you see it. After the student gets possessed by his chicken, he slashes the s out of people with a stick and looks like a giant chicken foot and squawks and moves around like, well, a freakish man chicken. F'ing awesome. Dead Harvey salutes director Harrison Witt for breathing new life into the indie. genre!

For more info. on, "Chickenfut", you can check out the website at Attached is a link where you can view the entire movie at Enjoy and if you've seen a movie that's weird as s, send it our way and we will do our part to share it with the world!

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Unknown said...

hey brad, thanks for doing a write-up on chickenfut! i just got your email today about the interview. sorry i didn't see it sooner (the producer sent it to me). thanks again!!