Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dead Harvey Interviews Indie Horror Actress Sarah Virginia Brock

Sarah Virginia Brock is fairly new to the indie. horror biz., but she got stabbed in the leg during an accident on the set and returned to finish the movie. Now that's what I call street cred.! She can be seen in "Scream Farm", "No Return", "Lounge Act" and the upcoming, "Pretty Vacants". Aside from the knife story, Brock gives a lot of solid advice regarding working in the indie. horror world, including watching out for all those perverts with a camera. Wait a minute... perverts with a camera? I hope she wasn't talking about Dead Harvey.

Just kidding. Thank you for the interview, Sarah. We look forward to seeing your upcoming work!

DH: Tell us about your yourself. What's your background and what got you into acting?

I grew up in a very Christian home, but I grew up around movies as well. As a little girl, I would watch Alfred Hitchcock movies with my dad and my mom would take me to the movies all the time. They both love film, but they never thought that I'd be an actress, that was something that strictly came from God.

DH: What horror films have had the biggest effect on you and why?

Dial M For Murder. Alfred Hitchcock proved that you don't always need special effects to be scary. What scared you the most in his movies was what he didn't show you. He was a genius.

DH: What, as an actress, draws you to the horror genre?
In a horror film, you have a wide range of emotions to work with. In the beginning you're happy, a little ways into the film you're scared, in the climax you're pretty much having an emotional breakdown, and by the end (if you're still alive) you're recovering. It really gives you the chance to act.

DH: What's the most important thing an actor needs to know regarding working in indie. horror?

Be careful! There are a lot of great indie. directors out there, but there are a lot of perverts with a camera as well. It's up to the actor to do research on who they're working with.

DH: What actor/actors do you most admire and why?

I really like Denzel Washington because not only is he an amazing actor, but he's been able to keep his faith.

I like Audrey Hepburn because she was able to be sexy and a lady at the same time. The character she played in Breakfast at Tiffany's wasn't very innocent, and yet, she was able to make her seem that way.

I also really like Hilary Duff because she actually acts her age. She didn't jump into adult roles, she took baby steps. You've got to respect that!

DH: Describe your approach to acting.

Once the cameras turn on, you're no longer you, you're the character that you're playing. Acting isn't pretending to be someone else, it's becoming that character. You've got to drop everything that you would do if you were in that person's shoes and you've got to start thinking like them.

DH: What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as an actress?

Comedy. A lot of people are surprised by this, but it's much easier to make someone cry than it is to make them laugh. I still love comedy, though. I'm currently doing a mystery dinner theater show at the Comedy Club in Alabama. It's hard, but fun!

DH: What are some of the best and worst experiences you've had on the set?

The worst experience is also the best. I was doing a movie called Pretty Vacants and we were doing a scene where I was being stabbed in the leg. Well, the production crew had us working with real knives and on accident, I got stabbed in the leg! I had to get three stitches. The director took full blame and he paid for all my medical bills. I went back to work on the movie the following week. Ever since then, he hasn't worked with a real weapon. He really is a wonderful director who just made a mistake. What I got out of it was a cool scar and proof that I'm a hard working actress!

DH: What would be your dream movie to act in?

I would love to play Harley Quinn in a future Batman movie. I also heard that the book The Lovely Bones is being made into a movie and I'd love to be in that, too!

DH: What's next for Ginny Brock?

Aside from the Comedy Club, I just did a short horror film called No Return. Pretty Vacants will be out next month and I'm doing some modeling. (Another dream of mine!) I will probably be doing another movie with Jim O'Rear and Ted Alderman, too.

DH: Thank's Ginny! This will be very cool because you will officially be the first indie. horror actress Dead Harvey has interviewed!

Thank you so much and I'm honored!


Anonymous said...

I've seen Ginny at the Comedy Club she spoke of and comedy seemed to come easy to her. When I talked with her after the show, I was surprised how different her natural voice was! She's genuine to her cause and her faith.
And now I read that her dream role is to play Harley Quinn in a Batman movie? Nice. Most women would say "Harley who?"
I say watch out Christian Bale!

Anonymous said...

I worked with Sarah on SCREAM FARM which was filmed here at my charity haunted house by the same name in
Alabama. She is a complete professional and a fantastic Actress and we were inspired by her talent and her strong faith!
Many blessings to Sarah and much
luck on her career.

Kimberly Lynn Cole and the crew at SCREAM FARM