Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2 minutes and 46 Seconds of Terror from FEWDIO

You guys may remember the interview we posted a few weeks back on FEWDIO, the group that's making all the awesome horror shorts. Here's a link to the post, if you didn't check it out. Well, FEWDIO is BACK with a new short, called "Bedfellows" and you can check out the 2 minutes and 46 seconds of terror here or just scroll to the bottom and push play.

Also, we should mention that their site is now up and running, find it here... and, for the count, that's three shorts that they've put out there. A personal favorite, "The Easter Bunny is Eating My Candy", "Creep" and now this...

Just a side note. I was talking with Drew Daywalt, one of the members of FEWDIO, about the interview that we did with them. Unfortunately, he wasn't there, but he listened to the whole damned thing and had a thought come to mind. I've decided to post it here, as it's something that I think all indie horror filmmakers should hear, if only because it's somewhat inspirational. "It's always been said that "writers write." And that could never be said about directors, because the palette to direct was so damned expensive and complicated... until now, with the amazing new access to low cost film capabilities. So, to the writers, I say, "Writers write." And to the directors, I say, "Directors direct."

Spot on Drew... and I can't wait to see what FEWDIO comes up with next!

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