Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dead Harvey Interviews Yossi Sasson, director of "Dead and Gone"

When I met Yossi Sasson, we spent twenty minutes shooting the s about comic books and our mutual admiration for "Conan the Barbarian". Then we got into his debut feature, "Dead and Gone", a really fun throwback to 80's horror, scripted by Harry Shannon. Now, I've heard all kinds of real life horror stories from filmmakers getting f'ed over before, but Yossi's tops them all - almost half of the movie had to be re-shot due to underexposed footage. To finish the film, Sasson had to raise more funding (including taking a second mortgage out on his house), wait six months for the outside location to match, and regroup all the actors and crew.

Sasson won the battle, though, because "Dead and Gone" is completed and all over the video stores. Plus, it features an awesome cast including Marilyn Ghiglotti, Zack Ward, Kyle Gass, Ben Moody, Felissa Rose, Gillian Shure and the screenwriter himself, Harry Shannon. Head on over to Amazon.com to buy yourselves a copy and support independent film making! There's also a book available at Amazon that screenwriter Shannon wrote based off the movie.

Thank's for the interview, Yossi! We look forward to your upcoming work!

clip 1 - Inspiration To Make Movies
clip 2 - Working With Harry Shannon pt 1
clip 3 - Working With Harry Shannon pt 2
clip 4 - How Long Did The Process Take?
clip 5 - Securing The Cast
clip 6 - Influences
clip 7 - The Score
clip 8 - Editing Connection
clip 9 - Securing The Location
clip 10 - Personal Sacrifices
clip 11 - Challenges
clip 12 - Directing Approach
clip 13 - The Yellow Jackets
clip 14 - What Was The Movie Shot On?
clip 15 - What Would You Do Differently?
clip 16 - Legal Discussions
clip 17 - Advice For Avoiding Problems
clip 18 - Advice On Distribution
clip 19 - Post
clip 20 - What's Next?
clip 21 - Where To Find "Dead And Gone"
clip 22 - Parting Words


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