Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19th, 2008 - New Horror out on DVD this week

It's a decent week in horror releases... there happens to be a classic rerelease (see poster to the right) AND a couple of good TV shows coming out with their first seasons on DVD. However, I wish I could gloss over the first release this week, but I won't... because not mentioning it doesn't give me a chance to say it sucks. As usual, head over to our Youtube page to see all the trailers and, please, click on the titles to buy them off Amazon!

Okay, I don't really want to spend too much time talking about this weeks 'big' horror release, "Prom Night", because it, pretty much, stands for everything I hate about studio horror, but... here's a few tidbits. It's PG-13 and it was not screened in advance, both of which usually mean the movies sucks. However, budgeted at $20Million, it grossed over $50Million internationally, so it would probably be considered a financial success, therefore you can expect more of them. It was directed by Nelson McCormick, who's done a lot of TV... which makes sense because there's a lot of TV actors in it. Looks like he's the guy behind the new "The Stepfather", too. Just do yourself a favor and pick up the 1980 original.

Okay, so it's the series that just keeps pumping out films. I decided to do a bit of research on this so-called "Maneater Series", as the long awaited, "Maneater Series Collection - Vol. 2", is finally out this week. It contains 3 films; "Croc", "Eye of the Beast" and "Grizzly Rage". I started to think this whole mess started with the 2007 Gary Busey classic called, you know it, "Maneater"... but it didn't. "Maneater" is actually the third film in the series. (That would be in Vol. 1, for those keeping score) The FIRST film in the Maneater Series was "Blood Monkey"... I think. Anyhow, they're all the Sci-Fi Original Films about creatures that eat men.

For all those fans of Spanish horror, here's an interesting release. It's "6 Films to Keep You Awake", the Spanish made-for-TV horror hexalogy. It's being released by Lionsgate and the 6 films are: "Blame", "Spectre", "A Real Friend", "A Christmas Tale", "The Baby's Room" and "To Let". It's a three disc collection and the trailer looks awesome... the price is definitely right for 6 movies. I can't find the trailer on Youtube, but click here to check it out.

"Things You Don't Tell" is an indie horror from director Alex Melli and I believe this is his first feature film... he also edited it and shot it. It was written by Bibi Ong-VanZandt and Gloria Uhler, Bibi Ong-VanZandt seems to have worked with Melli on a short a few year back... and I really just wanted another excuse to write Bibi Ong-VanZandt because the name is awesome. Bibi Ong-VanZandt. It looks like Bibi is married to John VanZandt, who produced the film. ANYHOW, Melli worked as an art director, producing advertising, before getting into directing. He made five short films before making "Things You Don't Tell", which is "a psychological thriller about three people caught in a web of deceit and lies. Everything is contained on the surface until a chance meeting triggers a series of tragic events that rips their worlds apart. As the truth unravels, their very survival is at stake."

Now on to some micro-cinema horror! "Evil Awakening", directed by Geno McGahee and Jeremy Weiskotten, is from X Posse Productions and is being released by Tempe Video. It's about a vicious serial killer who once terrorized the small town of Ludlow. The axe-wielding murder was brought to justice, but according to legend, he would one day return for vengeance... and that day had come. The trailer looks great and, from what I can tell, this is their first feature.

As you know, I rarely mention rereleases, unless it's of note.... and "The Wizard of Gore" is definitely of note. It's from 1970, directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. Lewis is pretty much known for creating the splatter film, as we know it, and "Wizard of Gore" is frequently quoted as an influence for every modern splatter filmmaker, from bigger budget splat fests, all the way down to the smallest of micro films. In any case, it's a must see for any filmmaker...

I have to mention the best show on TV, "Dexter", when "Dexter - The Complete Second Season" comes out. Best show on TV. Period.

I don't care if you think it sucks, please support "Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete First Season". I'm a sucker for anything Terminator and I thought the series was pretty f'ing awesome... I can't wait for season 2.

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