Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Great Week of Signings at Dark Delicacies

I regret I'm a little late on this one, since I just found this info. but there are all kinds of awesome guests that are going to be appearing at Dark Delicacies.

Among many others, Joe R. Lansdale, who is without a doubt one of the most f'ing awesome authors on the planet. "The Drive In" is my favorite horror novel so it makes it even more bad-ass that he'll be signing the graphic novel adaptation, as well as his latest novel, "Leather Maiden".

Also signing will be Neil Kaplan, writer of the horror comic, "I, Of the Wolf" who we have an upcoming Dead Harvey interview with. Be sure to check back in on that as his comic is very cool.

Oh, yeah I almost forgot. Warwick Davis is going to be there too. That's right, my friends... motherf'ing Leprechaun!

Dark DelicaciesÒ Signing Events

Friday, August 15th 7:30 pm – John Saul

John Saul returns signing his new novel, Faces of Fear (HB $26) and the Devil’s Labyrinth (PB $7.99). Plus many of his older books.

Saturday, August 16th – 2 pm – La La Land Records Presents

Kevin Manthei signing the scores to Justice League: New Frontiers (cd $15.98) & Batman: Gotham Knight (cd $15.98)

Christopher Drake signing the cd to Batman: Gotham Knight (cd $15.98)

Robert J. Kral signing the cds to Batman: Gotham Knight (cd $15.98) and Superman Doomsday (cd $15.98)

Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter & Michael McCuiston signing the cds Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (cd $15.98)

Thursday, August 21st – 7 pm – Very Special Guest

Warwick Davis will be signing his DVDs (email us for a list). Only one DVD per person can be purchased here. There will be a charge for items brought in to be signed. Warwick will also selling & signing his many photos. He has appeared in all the Harry Potter movies as Professor Flitwick, the Leprechaun in the Leprechaun movies, Willow Ufgood in Willow, Marvin in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Wicket Ewok in Star Wars: Episode VI.

Friday, August 22nd – 7 pm – Joe R. Lansdale

Joe R. Lansdale is returning with his new dark mystery, Leather Maiden (HB $23.95) and The Drive-In (graphic novel $12.99)

Sunday, August 24th – 2pm – Home Sick & Blood Scarab

Director Adam Wingard, Writer E. L. Katz, Jeff Dylan Graham (Ben), Tiffany Shepis (Candice), Bill Moseley (Mr. Suitcase), Tom Towles (Uncle Johnny) & other to be announced signing the new horror film, Home Sick (DVD $24.95)

Director Don Glut, Del Howison, Monique Parent, Jakeline Olivier, Cindy Pucci, Tony Clay, Susan Brock, Brink Stevens, Ange Maya, James Meyer, Sagreb De La Torre and others to be announced signing the vampire horror film, Blood Scarab (DVD $19.98). Must be 18 and older to purchase this film.

Sunday, September 14th – 2 pm – Pumpkinhead & I, of the Wolf

Tom Woodruff Jr. (Pumpkinhead) & Alex Gillis signing the 20th Anniversry edition of Pumpkinhead (DVD $19.98). Writer Neil Kaplan & artists J. Zoe Grasure & JK Woodward (also signing Necronomicon #1 $3.99 & X-Men Origin: The Beast $3.99) signing the special ComicCon edition of I, of the Wolf ($3).

Del is reading his short story "The Last Heard" the story behind the Fear Itself episode "Sacrifice".

Website for Vampire Comics:

SPECIAL Signed Items

We have a limited supply of Crucified bookplates signed by Michael Slade for those who purchase his new book here.

Steve Niles has signed the sequel to Immortal Remains, 30 Days of Night: Eternal Damnation (PB $7.99)


The LA Opera presents "The Fly The Opera" with music by Howard Shore. September 7 – 27, 2008. An Award-winning dream team of composer Howard Shore, director David Cronenberg, and playwright David Henry Hwang makes intriguing LA Opera debut bringing a cult classic to life. Placido Domingo conducts the U.S. premiere of the LA Opera-commissioned opera written by OscarÒ -winning composer Howard Shore based on the original 1957 George Langelaan short story as well as David Cronenberg’s 1986 film.

Dark Delicacies Customers receive 20% off tickets. Call 213-972-8001 and mention promo code 9552.


CONVENTIONS: Oct 31, Nov 1 & 2, 2008 – Come see us there


All items can be order through our website at under signing/events. This is a secure shopping cart.


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