Thursday, August 21, 2008

Exclusive Dead Harvey Interview With Yfke van Berkelaer: Director of "Zombie Love"

"Zombie Love" is proof that women can spill just as much blood in a horror flick as men can. And spill it, Yfke van Berkelaer does. The only difference is, this movie is also a musical.

"Zombie Love" is one of the best shorts I've seen and Yfke gave Dead Harvey an awesome mp3 interview. Like Roger A. Scheck's, "Nobody Loves Alice", "Zombie Love" is even more impressive because it was made when Yfke was in school.

School is usually a time for people to f up. I know I certainly did. Yfke, on the other hand, used her time in school to pursue grants and take advantage of the equipment and availably of local actors and crew to make a stunning debut. Yfke shows us, as filmmakers, what great things can happen when determination meets talent.

For more info, check out Yfke's website at There, you will find trailers and hear music from the film. Don't be surprised if the songs get stuck in your head and stay for awhile. Thank's for the interview, Yfke! We look forward to what you have in store for us next...

clip 1 - Background
clip 2 - Theatre vs Movies
clip 3 - Rehearsing
clip 4 - The Neverending Story
clip 5 - Influences
clip 6 - The Zombie World
clip 7 - Pre-Production
clip 8 - Raising The Money
clip 9 - Film Festivals
clip 10 - Grants
clip 11 - Gore As A Choice
clip 12 - Film School: Yes or No
clip 13 - Horror Stories
clip 14 - Shooting Schedule
clip 15 - Budget
clip 16 - Post Problems
clip 17 - Film vs Video
clip 18 - Getting The Material
clip 19 - Directing Approach
clip 20 - Distribution
clip 21 - Zombie Love: The Feature
clip 22 - Dream Movie
clip 23 - Parting Advice

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