Friday, October 24, 2008

NY City Horror Film Festival Indie-fest

Well, here we are... another Friday. Thank baby Jebus, I've actually got jack shit to do this weekend, except for watching football on Sunday. Can't get out of that. Must do. So, basically, that means that over the next 48 hours or so, I'll be doing a bunch of drinking, catching up on some horror flicks and working on the site. However, I've still gotta get through today.

I kinda blew my load talking about the festivals last Friday, when I mentioned every festival that's coming up for the rest of October. Kinda leaves me high and dry when it comes to talking about the festivals today. Lucky for me, Indieflix, a company that I just discovered and covered around a week ago, is doing something really f'ing cool over the next few weeks that starts today AND involves horror film festivals.

First off, a litte reminder about who Indieflix is... they're a forum for indie filmmakers and their audiences and they "promise to build a fair and open market to empower filmmakers to be the engine of their own achievement". You can find their site here and if you've just finished a film, there's no reason to not check them out and get involved.

Now, here's where things get pretty cool... for over half a year now, they've been running something called indie-fest, which started at The Seattle International Film Festival and now has around 40 festivals signed on. Indie-fest is sort of like American Idol for indie-film, done online. It's completely free for the audience to watch and vote, choosing the winning filmmaker to receive cash awards, theatrical screenings and preferred distribution deals. Now, I'm not asking you to watch a bunch of artsy shit... I would never do that. I promise. Today, on indie-fest, is the first day you can watch and vote on 8 short horror films from the New York City Independent Film Festival, it runs from now until November 3rd.

It's really easy to log-in and watch and vote on them for free... in fact, I'm watching "Redskins Revenge" as I type this. It took me less than a minute to set it all up. Your votes will pick the winner and the winner will get a theatrical screening at the NYCHFF and a 90/10 distribution deal with IndieFlix. So, to go to the indie-fest @ NYCHFF page and start watching and voting, click here.

Check 'em out, it don't cost nothing.

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