Friday, May 1, 2009

Watching Wolverine and A Look At Some Festivals

I wonder if a Friday is ever going to roll around where I don't think, "Thank F'ing God". This week was particularly bad... so bad that I couldn't even get around to posting anything yesterday. I was going to rush something, then I figured that I shouldn't put up a shitty post. Anyhow, before I get into a film festival things and all that, I want to take a look at the box office.

I'm interested to see how "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" does for only one reason, it was pirated... big time. Apparently it was downloaded over 1Million times and that would translate into close to 2Million viewers, I'd think. Also, reviews weren't spectacular. So, if it bombs, they're going to blame piracy. However, if it does alright, I think it proves that piracy doesn't have that negative of an impact. I've always thought that people who pirate aren't the same people that go to the theaters. So, if you're film is good, the torrent sites can work FOR you, as those people will spread the good word and they wouldn't have paid to see it otherwise. However, if you're film is bad, those same people will be talking... and you can see how that could be bad. Anyhow, I think it'll still do alright. There's a couple of other decent looking films coming out in extremely limited release: There's the horror/thriller "The Skeptic" and then there's Jim Jarmusch's "The Limits of Control". "The Skeptic" is a haunted house thriller from Tennyson Bardwell and, I have to say, the trailer looks pretty good - click
here to see it on youtube. The odd thing is, the film was finished years ago... like 2005. So, I'm not sure why it took so long. If you're a Jarmusch fan, "Limits of Control" will be a must-see. Trailer looks quite intense, check it out here. As they're both extremely limited releases, so you can expect them out on DVD fairly soon. Now, what else is going on?

The regular deadline for the Script Pimp Screenwriting Competition is today, which is to say you can still enter, but you'll have to pay a bit more. Although Script Pimp has an odd name (the Pimp actually stands for "Pipeline Into Motion Pictures"), they're actually one of the more respected screenwriting competitions out there. Each year, they match writers with top representation and offer unprecedented exposure, while pushing projects forward. They offer up to $50,000 in goods and services, including screenplay notes from Script Pimp, one-on-one consultations, screenwriting software, magazine subscriptions, and lots more. All 20 finalists receive $200 cash and the four Grand Prize winners receive $3,000 each. They accept teleplays for TV, feature scripts and... I think that's it, but what else would you be writing? They also have workshops and things like that. It's a great resource, if you want to pay for it. Go roam around their site here.

For those of you who've finished a horror short, you should think about submitting it to Fangoria for the upcoming Frightfan Filmfest. Fangoria's looking for the 'horrific best of the best' to be included at their Weekend of Horrors event in L.A. and New York, as well as to be featured on There's no prizes, it's all for pride, and there's no final deadline, as it's a rolling, ongoing call. They're looking for stuff that's four to thirty minutes long. Click here for more info.

Now, I want to mention these friends of Dead Harvey again, just because they asked me to very nicely... Having said that, if you run a festival and want us to mention you or would like to talk with us, let me know. Always open to stuff like that!

First up, Fright Night Film Fest: Coming up in Louisville, KY this August 14-16, it's the 5th annual "Fright Night Film Fest". They're the largest genre film festival in mid-America AND they're currently accepting submissions for all types of films and screenplays - click here to be taken to their submissions page. It's a wicked festival to both attend and submit to, so check it out. We'll definitely keep you posted on this one...

Next, the 1st Annual Dark Carnival Film Festival: We welcome you join us for the 1st Annual Dark Carnival Film Festival Screenplay Competition. We are excited to include a competition for screenplay writers who enjoy writing what we love to watch - HORROR. The writers start it all so we want to be part of discovering new talent.

The winner of BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY will have their script produced as a short film to premiere at the 2010 Dark Carnival Film Festival!

The film will be produced by Clockwerk Pictures and Dark Carnival Oddities, a new production/distribution company that pools the talents of a variety of indie horror veterans. THIS IS A FIRST FOR ANY INDIE HORROR FILM FEST, SO DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE!

In addition, there will be a feature length category. The winner of the BEST FEATURE LENGTH SCREENPLAY will win a cash prize up to $500!.

For the 1st Annual Screenplay Competition, the odds of becoming the top winners in the Dark Carnival Film Fest are in your favor unlike these veteran screenplay competitions. We are looking for the best-from-the best to scare us.

Accepting Entries NOW!!!! If you are a student (over 18), we have a special discount rate just for you.

For more information contact us at or visit our web site at

Have a great weekend, guys... I'm finishing up two projects today, so I'm hoping to get caught up on a few movies and work on the site a bit over the weekend. Can't promise anything, though. The weather's nice and there's lots of bars with patio's around here.


Ward said...

Nice info--the Dark Carnival short opportunity looks great. Thanks!

Ward Crockett
Last Night of April Productions

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