Monday, January 19, 2009

Dead Harvey TV/Lobsterface Screening

This will be a short post since I'm about to leave to do some drinking. I just wanted to remind all our readers that dead harvey is a site that represents the people. And that's why we're inviting you to our screening of dead harvey tv. The screening is free. It's not like those Hollywood movies that rip you off and charge you twelve bucks and make you watch garbage and twenty movies of shitty previews and fifteen minutes of pre-show non-entertainment.

With dead harvey, you get to be subjected to our garbage for free. Plus, there's going to be free beer. It's just our little way of giving back to the community. I guess, deep down underneath all the booze we're just really nice guys.

So come one, come all. Dead Harvey TV: Episode One will screen first, followed by Jonathan Ritter's, "The Lobsterface Chronicles" (it's a beauty, it's got a puppet in it). Further info is on the attached flyer. Hope to see you there!

Ted's note: Don't worry, we'll keep reminding you about this...

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