Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zombies Eat Brains And Clay

Horror's reach is absolutely never ending, it's tentacles have slithered their way into every medium and it's been made into so many sub-genres. For example, I watched "Fringe" last night, which I thought was great, by the way... and it had horror elements, mixed with Sci-Fi, and it's a big network TV show. Some would say that horror's made it's way into music, with guys like Necro, Cradle of Filth and, especially, Rob Zombie, who embody horror elements. Of course, there's film, where you get psycho-thrillers, gore-fests, slasher flicks, you name it... it's almost rare to see a film that doesn't have some element of horror involved. So, as horrors reach continues, sometimes I think we're near a saturation point... I mean, where else could people take it? But, when I saw "Zombies Eat Brains And Clay", I realized that we may still be on the tip of the iceberg here.

What's "Zombies Eat Brains And Clay", you ask? Well, eventually, it's going to be a feature length claymation film. Currently, it's a short film on Youtube, which you'll find embedded below, plus it's a Myspace page, which you'll find here.

After watching it and going through their Myspace page, I feel like I've learned a couple things here. One, I love blood and guts that are made out of clay... who knew? Secondly, it just made me think about how there's so much more that can be done in horror. Every time I think I've seen it all, I see something new... on some new medium or in some new form. Whether you think out of the box on how you distribute your idea or content OR you think outside the box on what your idea or content is... the fact remains that there's endless new routes to take out there. We shouldn't get stuck in thinking that you have to make a 90 minute film that conforms to what Hollywood considers standard or acceptable. Get busy making something that isn't standard (or acceptable) and then go find an audience any way you can.

Until then, enjoy some zombies that, as the title states, eat brains and clay...

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