Thursday, September 18, 2008

"DOOR 17", Another New Short From FEWDIO

The short horror films from Fewdio come fast and furious... and I had to post this one, as it's officially my favorite to date. Damn, they do good work.

Oh, and I should mention that Fewdio's films have been accepted into a whole bunch of festivals... here's a list of the films and which festival they'll be playing in. If in you're in the area, make sure you go support them!

THE TAP - Fantastic Fest in Austin

BREACH - Fantastic Fest in Austin

CURSE - Sacramento Horror Fest

THE LAUNDROMAT - Toronto After Dark

BEDFELLOWS - HP Lovecraft Fest in Portland

CONVICTION - HP Lovecraft Fest in Portland

LAUNDROMAT - 62nd Film Festival in Los Angeles


ALL THE FEWDIO FILMS - The Scare Fest in Nashville

For more information on Fewdio, go check out their homepage here.

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