Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Indie Horror On The Web... plus a few other things

Before I get into all the interesting things that I found in the webtubes, do you remember the interview we did with scream queen, hottie Melissa Bacelar a while back? Well, here's a link to the interview, if you missed it. We talked about the film "Skinned Alive", but she's been in lots of good indie horror, such as "Pink Eye", "Slumber Party Slaughterhouse: The Game" and "The Scream". Now, she's reached out and asked for Dead Harvey's help, as she's in the running for Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors Spooksmodel Contest... So, help her out and vote for Melissa Bacelar! Click here, find her picture and click on it.

This has nothing to do with horror, but if you're an indie horror filmmaker looking to monetize your content, you may want to read this... it's an article from called, "The Answer to Monetizing Shorts: Branded Content?". Unfortunately, the article concentrates on that show that jumped from being web-based to ABC, "In the Motherhood". However, I do think there's something that can be taken away from this. Here's the thing - A film is supposed to be ad free and make its money by having people pay to see it. The TV model works by having advertisers paying for space during the show, so you can see it for free. However, the line between the two is being blurred and I think advertising is going to play a big part in the future of entertainment. You can still have people pay to see it, but why not supplement that with a bit of ad dollars?

Here's one for all those who are researching a script or story, plus it's kinda funny... So, for starters, here's a link to the International Paranormal Investigators site, they're the guys who sent me this email. I don't know what I signed up for, but I get emails from them every once in a while. I suppose if you're into ghosts and the paranormal, it's a good site to do some research on. Anyhow, here's what made me laugh... here's the body of the email that accompanied that link - Last week I sent out a newsletter about a response I made to a request to answer why I teach ghost hunting. The website International Paranormal Investigators posted my response for others to comment on. Well Ryan sent me back a super positive response and I'm so proud to say that they want me to be on their radio show. The name of it is Raid Radio and it is from Scotland. The topic for discussion will be What is the opinion of having psychics participate on a ghost investigation. Like, there's an argument here... "Hey, psychics, do your own thing and leave the ghost investigation to the Paranormal Investigators". I don't know, made me laugh.

I think that the success of the indie horror scene is going to depend on a few things. One is the development of new distribution methods and the use of the internet to facilitate those methods... VOD, web-based series' and online distribution are all going to be key. Then there's stuff like p2p file sharing and pirating. For Hollywood, this stuff can be a nightmare, but, I think, for indie film, it's going to be a huge blessing. So, check this out and see if it gets your brain juices flowing... "RiP: A remix manifesto" is a documentary film from Brett Gaylor, who happens to be the creator of, a video remix community which supports the production of the feature. (click on that link for more info on the doc) It's an open source film about copyright and remix culture, created over a period of six years and, guess what? It's going on the country's first open-source film tour and you can host a screening. Here's a link - RIP! A Remix Manifesto. I love the fact that the film is a collaborative work, that's cool. However, the fact that the nation-wide screening is all DIY and open source is awesome. Check out the link, see how they're putting it together. It's a great idea...

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