Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Linkapalooza - July 9, 2008... Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer gets release date, plus other news.

There's a few things going on out there that I think you should consider looking into...

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer gets release date - on Okay, the post that I linked to there is probably shorter than the blurb I'm writing on it, but that's not important. What is important is the fact that the kick-ass "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer", a throwback to 90's horror, now has a DVD release date. Anchor Bay will be releasing it on August 1st. Get it, trust me.

MicroCinema Scene: Well, obviously, it's a site dedicated to MicroCinema. Looking through it, I don't think it's updated that often and it's really a very general site, but the cool thing is that they have forums that you can look through... maybe Dead Harvey should do forums? To be honest, I wouldn't know where to start on that. Either way, it's worth taking a look through. Also, I like how they say in their 'about us' page that we should keep in mind that they're all volunteers. What's your definition of volunteer? Not getting paid? If that's the case... I'm a volunteer... and so are most indie filmmakers. Please keep that in mind.

Hellboy's Mike Mignola Talks 'Language of Monsters' - on It's anything but indie, but Wired talked with original 'Hellboy' book artist / writer Mike Mignola about the monsters they created for "Hellboy II: The Golden Army". Now, what these guys are doing is way above what indie guys do, but there's always something you can take away from guys like Mignola when the curtain is pushed aside for a little bit to see how they work.

Revealed: Secretlives of moviegoers - on This is pretty cool, actually. A company called Mindset did a research study on frequent movie-goers to profile them. Why I think this is particularily pertinent to you, as an indie horror filmmaker, is because this is who you're audience is... and probably who you are, too. Let's be honest, it would be rare to find an 'armchair' indie horror fan. Chances are an indie horror fan watches a lot of movies... and I mean a LOT of movies, I know I do. Also, I'm betting that indie horror filmmakers watch a lot of movies, as well. Once again, I know I do. So, from all sides, the profile they came up with is both you and your viewer. Check it out, you might be surprised to find out what they think about you.

Netflix's Online Movie Dreams - on I'm telling you, this is the device! I've said it in other posts and I'll keep saying it. Well, they keep mentioning Netflix, as they're supplying the content now, but it's really about Roku. This article on Forbes goes more in depth as to what Roku's plans are... and here's the little tidbit that perked my ears up - "Later this year, a simple software update will allow the box to stream content from other "big name" providers." Really? Okay, now we're talking... because if you're planning on getting big name providers this year, it's probably only a few years before 'little name' providers will be able to jump on the bandwagon. Think about it, after you've finished your film, there's no cost to make or ship the DVD's and there's no such thing as shelf space. All people will need is a Roku remote, a 12-pack and their TV and they can search through endless titles of indie-horror.

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