Tuesday, July 8, 2008


During my whirlwind tour of Southern California a few weeks back, Bill Holmes and Robbie Rist, two of the guys behind "Stump the Band", made time to sit down and have a few beers with Brad and I... it started out as 'a few', but it may have been more than 'a few' by the time we were done, at least that's what the guy at the 7-11 told us when we tried to buy more beer later in the afternoon. Anyhow, the picture to the right is a 'before' picture, you probably shouldn't see the 'after'...

Both Bill and Robbie are extremely talented guys, having worked in the industry for numerous years in various capacities, including, but not limited to: acting, directing, producing, writing and even composing. Further to that, they're also a couple of really laid back guys who will shoot this shit about the trials and tribulations of the indie horror genre.

Their film, "Stump the Band", was released on DVD June 3rd and has won various awards, including best horror feature at the Hollywood MiniDV Festival, best feature at Hauntcon and Producer's Choice at Movie Nations Film Festival, among others. It's a great film with a real tongue in cheek attitude and Dead Harvey highly recommends it. Take a listen to what they had to say, as they offer some great insight into the world of indie filmmaking.

Clip 1 - Bill's Background
Clip 2 - Robbie's Background
Clip 3 - Initial Reactions
Clip 4 - Foot Fetish Inspiration
Clip 5 - If Only We Had the Money
Clip 6 - Josie and the Pussy Cats meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Clip 7 - The Music
Clip 8 - The Music Pt 2
Clip 9 - Shooting in LA and Wisconsin
Clip 10 - Obstacles
Clip 11 - Working With Actors
Clip 12 - The Crew Lived in Tents
Clip 13 - Special FX Stories
Clip 14 - Scheduling and Tips
Clip 15 - What's Next
Clip 16 - Distribution
Clip 17 - Hey, It's a Movie...

For more information on "Stump the Band", you can go to the site here. To buy a copy, click on the link below...

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