Thursday, July 3, 2008


Dead Harvey's Brad Paulson continues his boozing ways on his quest to drink with every indie filmmaker in the L.A. area and record his conversations for your listening pleasure. This go around, Brad talks with Clint Hutchison, writer and director of "Conjurer"...

Brad - Clint Hutchison's kind demeanor is second only to his overwhelming enthusiasm for making movies. I'd been looking forward to meeting Clint, since I'm a big fan of his previous work, "Terror Tract", starring John Ritter and Bryan Cranston from "Malcolm in the Middle". If you haven't seen this flick, do yourself a favor and seek it out. It's an outstanding horror trilogy, currently released as a double disc with "Cherry Falls". His face lit up when he talked about a movie he recently produced, "Big Big Wolf", starring Richard Tyson. He thought fondly back to that time and commented on how he couldn't believe he was working with Buddy Revell from, "Three O'Clock High". Clint came armed with both films for yours truly. I decided not to mention I was already planning to pay for "Terror Tract".

His latest movie, "The Conjurer" is a ghost story about a couple who moves to a remote farmhouse while recovering from the loss of their stillborn baby. The production value is top notch, especially for the under a million dollar budget they were working with. But it's Hutchinson's solid directing and outstanding performances from his lead actors, Andrew Bowen (Big Bad Wolf), Maxine Bahns (The Brother's McMullen) and John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard) that do a stellar job of combining forces to elevate the genre.

The best part though, is that the film was done on spec., meaning Hutchinson and co. put themselves on the line to raise the money to make the film and have no guarantees at the end of the day. It's not like a studio had a side indie label backing the project. It was made completely independently. And for that, Dead Harvey gives a strong salute! Be sure to give the audio clips a listen. Hutchison has some fascinating things to say.

Clip 1 - Brad nerds up to Clint's resume
Clip 2 - Practical vs. CGI
Clip 3 - Background
Clip 4 - 1st big break
Clip 5 - Competing for shelf space
Clip 6 - A tricky business
Clip 7 - Influences on "Conjurer"
Clip 8 - Expanding the genre
Clip 9 - Establishing the good fabric
Clip 10 - Raising money
Clip 11 - The house
Clip 12 - The supernatural
Clip 13 - The supernatural pt. 2
Clip 14 - Connecting with the subconscious
Clip 15 - Getting the house shoot ready
Clip 16 - The cast
Clip 17 - Directing style
Clip 18 - Directing style pt. 2
Clip 19 - Obstacles
Clip 20 - A great shoot
Clip 21 - Getting distribution
Clip 22 - Tips for starting out
Clip 23 - Truly independent

Here's a link to "The Conjurer" on imdb, plus some links to buy Clint Hutchison's other films:


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