Monday, July 7, 2008

Horror Film Fest Updates... Blobfest & Comic-Con

Let's look at a couple more festivals that are coming up here this month... well, one's a very small, niche festival, the other really isn't a festival at all. The first is Blobfest, which I just came across, and the other is the world famous Comic-Con. Which, if you're a genre fan, is one of the conventions that you'll want to attend at least once in your lifetime and completely nerd out at, then deny you ever went to.

Blobfest - Personally, I haven't seen too many 'blob' related films of late, but, hey, if that's your thing, you've always got Blobfest, which takes place in Phoenix, PA this July 11 - 13. If 'blob' movies really are your thing, check this out. After reading about Blobfest, I started to think... would the world be ready for another 'blob' movie? Is the concept still believable and/or scary? Was the 1988 version, starring Kevin Dillon, any good? I can't remember, but I remember liking it. Anyhow, I found out that there's a film 'in production' right now called "B.L.O.B.", which stands, of course, for 'binary large object'. So, is there another Blob movie in the works? Hmmm... We may find out if the world is ready for more 'blobs', soon enough. Anyhow, Blobfest does a short film contest, where films have to be no longer than 5 minutes, are family-friendly, are somehow Blob-related, and submitted on DVD. They also do a few other events and things, plus have a Steve McQueen look-alike contest. This is, of course, because he had his first staring role in the original "Blob" film.

It takes place in the historic Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA, which can be found at 227 Bridge Street. You can find more information on it here, at their website.

Comic-Con International: San Diego - Comic-Con isn't really a film festival, you can't enter your film and there's no awards, but it's definitely of note. It's an annual 'multigenre fan convention' that's held every summer in San Diego at the San Diego Convention Center and it's pilgrimage for every nerd, geek and genre freak. It was orginally for comic books, sci-fi film and television and related pop arts, but it's expanded to include lots of horror. It's the largest of its kind in the world, getting over 125,000 attendees each year. There's lots of panels, seminars, workshops with professionals and there are plenty of previews of upcoming films. There's a huge floorspace for exhibitors, where you'll be able to mingle with movie studios, TV networks and comic-book dealers. Long and short, it's a genre nerd-fest and you can go see lots of girls in spandex, dressed up like X-Men and Wonder Woman.

It takes place in the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA, which can be found at 111 W. Harbor Drive. You can find more information on it here, at their website.

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