Friday, July 4, 2008

Indie Horror Director "rousted" by Police

When talking with indie horror filmmakers, one of my favorite things to hear about are the nightmare stories. You know, when things go terribly awry on set? Mainly because everyone has an f'ed up story and they're always hilarious... maybe I'll put together a book on the trials and tribulations of indie filmmakers, I've heard plenty of stories. Anyhow, that's why I loved coming across this article. Not because I feel sorry for him, not because I thought he did anything wrong, but because it makes me laugh.

So, with that, check out this article on Shane Ryan, writer/director of "Amateur Porn Star Killer" that was forwarded to me - "Amateur Porn Star Killer Director Rousted by the Cops". If you're an indie filmmaker, chances are something similar has happened to you... and you probably look back and laugh.

In fact, if you're an indie filmmaker and you have a horror story like this, email it over to me. Maybe we'll do a big post on them.

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