Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drunk Ramblings from Indie Horror Filmmaker... Brad Paulson.

It's been a while since Brad, Dead Harvey's resident indie-horror filmmaker and microcinema insider, gave us a good drunken rambling on what he's actually up to... so, it was with much excitement that I received not one, but two ramblings this morning on a couple of things that he's up to, which he wanted me to post. I guess it was a rough night for him last night, but he has plenty to report. I decided to splice them together and correct some of the spelling mistakes...

Drunken Rambling #1: Today, I met with the great Chris Watson, producer of "Evil Ever After". We had some greasy ass fried chicken at shakey's pizza. I was seriously impressed by the amount of grease. When I bit into my fried chicken breast the grease sprayed out in all directions. Normally, it just drains from the bottom, but this, my friends, was master grease. It's like this motherfucking chicken had been deep fried, then injected with more grease from a syringe that sprays grease every which way but motherfucking loose.

Anyways, we talked about working on a Troma movie that we've been discussing for a while now. Here would be the plot, loosely: An army girl gets raped by her platoon, then she gets separated and kidnapped by terrorists. She is then tortured and injected with a super soldier serum which results in superpowers and a talking vagina. To make a long story short, she gets revenge on her platoon with the help of superpowers and advice from her wisdom filled vagina. I haven't said yes to this writing assignment yet, but I believe I'm going to. I'm going to hell for this. Actually, I'm going to hell for "Evil Ever After", but an even more dangerous region of the abyss will most likely be reserved for me after this one.

Talk soon,

Drunken Rambling #2: It's Brad Paulson checking in again. Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've been busy getting drunk with... I mean, interviewing a bunch of indie filmmakers. Anyways, a while back, I did this little movie called, "Evil Ever After" that featured a guy in an adult baby outfit. His name is Bruce Juntilla. Since the movie, I've become good good friends with this cat. Unfortunately, my good friend has taken a straight hot poker to the cornhole and gotten his leg cut off. So, as a form of bizzorro therapy, we've decided to make a more-or-less one-man-show-style movie about his thoughts on the topic of suicide. It's sort of a stand up comedy routine about a really dark subject. The weird thing is, I've never seen him happier. More updates on this soon.


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