Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brad's Drunken Ramblings: Keep The Faith, Indie Filmmakers!

I'm not drunk yet but I'm working on it. I've got some ale in me and I'm about to crack open this over sized flavored malt beverage that's 9.0. Wired and drunk: two great things that go great together.

Today, I had a great interview where I heard yet more tales of trials and tribulations from an indie filmmaker. The process is certainly a pain in the ass from start to finish. You hit your head against the wall while writing the script, you somehow find some way to get everyone together at the same time, then it's all out f'ing war as the shooting begins. Sometime, the casualties are enormous, sometimes manageable. But, after hearing horror story after horror story: aka, the shit they don't tell you in film school: aka, the truth, I can't help but wonder why anyone makes movies (myself included). Why does the indie filmmaker keep getting their asses beat down and getting back up for more?

I believe the answer is because, like my interview confirmed today: it's in the blood. If, after finishing a movie you tell yourself, "Fuck making movies! It's not worth all the bullshit1" Then, when the morning rolls around, you tell yourself, "I can't wait to get started on the next movie." If this is you, you should stop at nothing to make your movie. If not, you should save yourself a lot of misery and disappointment and do one of those jobs people go to school to get paid for.

In short, keep the faith, indie filmmakers! Life is painful, but short. Movies will be around a lot longer than we will, and we'll always regret not making more of them. Bring on the obstacles: divas, a-holes, acts of nature, drug addicts, those shitty jobs we have to put up with while we spend all our free time on the movies, the list goes on forever. We will overcome!

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