Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friends of Dead Harvey Need Your Help

So, there's two friends of Dead Harvey that need our help, one is pictured to the right, and I'm calling out to the nation for help.

First up, actress Pamela Jean Noble, yes.... the one in the picture. We spoke with Pamela Jean a couple years back, right after she played Resurrection Mary in the film of the same name. By the way, you can check that interview out by clicking here. Anyhow, she mentions in her interview that she splits time between acting and modeling and, right now, she's vying to be Miss July for Transworld Surf. Trust me when I say, it's worth clicking on this link, checking out her pics and voting. To vote, just leave a comment at the bottom of the page saying you want to vote for Pamela Jean Noble.

Next up, I received an email from indie director, Christopher DiNunzio, the guy behind "Livestock". We spoke with him about his film last year and he's now on the long and windy road to monetizing it... and he needs our help. If you have a Netflix account, log in and put "Livestock" in your queue, write a positive review and give it a high rating... that is, after you've watched it and agree, of course. This is going to help him get an annual license for Watch Instantly, which will help Chris in that whole monetization thing. Now, that's got me thinking... maybe I should follow up with Chris and see how it's going, one year later... anyhow, click here to see our original interview with him and click here to find "Livestock" on Netflix.

If there's any other friends of Dead Harvey out there that need help promoting or anything, make sure you send me an email. I'm super busy and I'm desperately trying to catch up, but I will get to it and I will do everything I can!


Bill said...

Done. Helping each other like this is the only way for any of us to get ahead.

Just remember it when the next guy asks for a hand.


Dead Harvey said...

Damn straight, Bill. That's what it's all about.