Monday, August 24, 2009

New Horror Out On DVD This Week: It's a Boob Filled Week

I'm not a Tarantino fan. In fact, I was kinda hoping that "Inglourious Basterds" would just take a big, giant turd at the box office... However, and much to my dismay, it beat "District 9" out of the top spot and did so with ease, plus it's gettting good reviews. "Basterds" pulled in an estimated $37Million over the weekend, which is pretty damned good. Now, I know that a lot of you guys dig Tarantino and consider him to be a massive influence. Me, I just think he's kinda overrated... but, if you did go out and see "Basterds", what did you think? "Pulp Fiction" or "Jackie Brown"?

As for indie horror, there's quite a few decent looking DVD's coming out this week. Too many to get into any depth on all of them, actually. So, we've got most of the trailers up on our
Youtube Page and I'll link to all of their pages on Amazon, so you can get more info on each of them and/or buy them... you know, if you so desire.

First up is "Abduction", from John Orrichio. Orrichio has made a few other indie films, including "Requiem for a Vampire" and "The Haunting of Danbury House", among others. The trailer is filled with T&A and the film is about a small vacation town that has a secret, underground internet business that specializes in selling human organs and babies, as well as auctioning off young women into sex slavery. One of Orrichio's other boob-filled movies, "Dreams of the Dead" is also available this week.

"Red Velvet" is apparently an exclusive, but I'm not sure what that actually means. It stars Henry Thomas, who peaked at around age 13, when he played Elliott in "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial". Since then, he's done tons of films, most of which are indie... a lot of which are of the horror variety. The film looks interesting, to say the least, and the killer appears to be some sort of human-rabbit-cyborg hybrid. Very strange. Check out the trailer.

If you're into the Asian shit... and I'm not talking J-Horror, I'm talking "Ichi The Killer" and "Machine Girl" type shit... check out "Onechanbara". It's based on the hit video game of the same title - I've never heard of it, but I don't claim to be on the bleeding edge of gaming and this could be an XBox exclusive. It's about a girl, armed with a sword and wearing her trademark bikini and cowboy hat, who's determined to track down her fathers killer. Oh... and it takes place in the year 20XX in a world where zombies have taken over the earth.

There's some other low-budget indie horror coming out, including: "Promise", starring Tiffany Shepis and directed by David M. Quiroz Jr.; "Frayed" (which looks to have been heavily influenced by "Halloween"), starring Kellee Bradley and Don Brady, directed by Norb Caoili and Rob Portmann; "Ghost Image" starring Elisabeth Rohm and Stacey Dash, directed by Jack Snyder and; "The Last Gateway" (which looks f'ing good and f'ing gory) starring Kevin Schiele and Rodrigo Aragon, directed by Demian Rugna.

Lastly, I wanted to mention "The Brass Ring", which also comes out this week. I mention it because, really, our readers are probably the only people who would truly, truly get it. It's a documentary on a group of friends, with no real film experience, in rural Ohio who set out to make a zombie epic with $7,500 and a Super-8 camera.


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