Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Horror DVD's coming out today that are worth checking out...

Christmas is seriously starting to eat into my free time, but I had to post something about the new horror DVD's that are coming out today. There's a few mentionables and I'm not talking about Rob Zombie's "Halloween" (even though I'm now mentioning it), which I would rank just below "Halloween III: Season of the Witch" in the "Halloween" series. For perspective, III didn't have anything to do with Michael Myers... and it sucked.

Regardless, Rob Zombie's vision of "Halloween" comes out on DVD today and having said that it sucked, I have to admit that I haven't seen the unrated director's cut. I heard Rob Zombie talking about how there were various versions out there and he was pissed about how it got hacked up and, blah, blah, blah... Since I love "House of 1,000 Corpses" and I thought "Devil's Rejects" was okay, I'll give the unrated director's cut a shot... but it'll be on a really short leash.

The old-school American horror that is "not a remake, not a sequel and is not based on a Japanese one" - "Hatchet" finally comes to DVD. I'm a complete and total sucker for this. It was a massive hit on the the indie horror festival circuit, it was made on a limited budget, it stars Kane Hodder as Victor Crowly, it's got Robert Englund and Tony Todd in cameo's, it's got laughs and a whole bunch of good deaths. An homage to the American Slasher film - "Hatchet", awesome. By the way, expect the sequel soon.

Now, how about a little Bruce Campbell action??? This is actually the first I've heard of "Man with the Screaming Brain", but Bruce not only stars in it, but he also wrote and directed it. It was originally made for the Sci-Fi network in Sofia, Bulgaria for something like $850,000. It looks like it originally came out in 2005, so where's this been? ...oh, and don't worry, Ted Raimi IS in it. Expect a LOT of Bruce Campbell in this - that means slapstick humor, some blood and a bit more slapstick humor.

"Boy Eats Girl" is an Irish flick that was made for around $5Million. Not a super low-budget, by international standards, but definitely low by North American standards. I think it's recently been picked up by Lionsgate and rereleased in North American, as I've found two different versions of the cover art. I always find horror from the U.K. to be hit or miss and I haven't seen "Boy Eats Girl", but it's always worth checking them out becuase it's good to know what kinds of horror other countries are watching. I was pleasantly surprised by some recent horror films out of the U.K., including "Evil Aliens", "Black Sheep" and "Creep".

There's a few other movies out, but... unfortunately, I don't have time today to write about them.

Out on DVD today, Dec 18, 2007:

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