Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New horror available today - Dec 4, 2007

Finally, it's a good week in horror... especially the low-budget variety. As usual, there's a bunch of rereleases, compilations and other garbage, but there's enough new stuff out here today that I don't have to tell you about the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Drive Me Crazy" double pack... although I really want to.

Relative newcomer, Gregory Wilson directs "Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door". I'm assuming they threw the "Jack Ketchum" in there so you don't confuse this one with the Elisha Cuthbert's Romantic Comedy of the same title. Although you don't have a half-naked Elisha Cuthbert, you do get 'sadistic torture and sexual abuse, nudity, language and strong sexual dialogue - all involving children'. Elisha... or child torture porn? I don't know, toss a coin. Based on the true story from 1958, it's about a teenage girl who is tied up in a basement and abused by her male cousins and neighborhood kids, under the orchestration of her aunt. I guess Elisha didn't want the part? It's got a lot of buzz and is probably worth checking out.

"Darkplace" stars the huge, tall freaky dude from "Devil's Rejects" and "Big Fish". Here, he plays the lawyer boyfriend of Elisha Cuthbert in Manhattan when they... okay, he plays a terrifying hillbilly giant who, along with the local preacher, exorcise their ritual of dark cleansing by locking you up inside an ancient box, forcing you to face your inner demons. A 10 year old boy gets locked up and his darkest fears sets loose an inferno of relentless evil. It's directed by Philip Adrian Booth, who's done a few other decent horror films and it's released by Spooked Television Releasing - a division of Spooked Productions.

There's not a lot out there about "The Devil of Blue Mountain", but I'll give it it's due because it's written and directed by Hollywood.com's Top Underground Filmmaker of 1998, Joshua P. Warren. I believe he won the award after making "Inbred Rednecks". It's about a 'harrowing journey, following a disturbing abductor as he drags two attractive young women through a twisted wilderness.' Hmm... kinda sounds similar to...

"Razor's Ring" is about an ill-fated businessman, who is abducted by not one, but two killers and then taken to meet their even more sadistic (and hungry) family members. The Amazon.com tags include: horror, thriller, cannibal, rape and coming of age. So, it's kind of a coming of age horror about rape and cannibalism. It's not rated, by the way.

Speaking of low-budget, shot on DV (maybe even VHS, in this case), how about "Stiff Odds"? It's about the grim reaper, who's a conniving little twit and bears more than just a slight resemblance to a raging erection. He owns a booking business where the deceased can bet their luck on who's kicking the can next. Death then resurrects three disgruntled zombies, while two nit-wit teens get caught up in his mayhem and become pawns in this 'chop 'em up thriller'. Yup, you read that right. Don't believe me? Check out the trailer!

I'll quickly go through the other films of interest: "Disintegration" is about a guy who's a decendant of the union of angels and men and must find other decendant's or else he'll go mad. "Caregiver" is a nurse who works at a halfway house for dysfunctional teenage girls, then goes insane or something. "Mrs. Amworth" looks like a remake of the 1976 UK film of the same name, which is about a sexy, next door neighbor vampire who terrorizes a sleepy town. "Werewolf: The Devil's Hound" is as low-budget as they come. However, one reviewer wrote "hysterical and gory, what's not to love?", while another wrote, "it's more like "Werewolf: The Devil's Turd". Well... I'll guess you'll just have to judge for yourself.

New on DVD - December 4th, 2007:

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