Monday, December 10, 2007

"Most Liked" Screenplays of 2007

I'm commenting on this post from "/film", the blog that can be found here. "/film" is a great blog about about alternative movie news and reviews. The post is about a list that's put together by a guy who polled 90+ people in the industry to find out their favorite new, unproduced screenplays. However, I think it gives a bit of insight to the industry...

I can't help but notice that it's loaded with political drama's and horror is extremely far and few between. #7 - "The Road", about a ravaged postwar American landscape looks kinda interesting, but it sounds like you could easily throw Kevin Costner in there and call in "Postman II". It's based on a book from Oprah's book clubs, so... okay, enough said. Then, way further down the list we find "Jennifer's Body", "World War Z" and "Zombieland". "Jennifer's Body", about a possessed cheerleader, is from Diablo Cody, who is getting a lot of press lately, due to her "Juno" script. I've been hearing about "World War Z" for ages. It's based on the Max Brooks book about the aftermath of the zombie-human war. I heard Brad Pitt's production company picked up the rights... I'm way too lazy to look up his production company's name right now. Finally, "Zombieland" sounds a lot like "World War Z", but with a comic twist.

So, when are executives going to actually take a look at the numbers and get it? Last I checked (and I did check), in 2006, horror movies made up less than 20% of theatrically released films, but brought in around 35% of the years revenue. Politcal drama's made up around the same perentage of theatrically released films, cost a whole lot more to make and brought in around 10% of the years revenue. (all these numbers are approx., I checked it all out a while back and will have to go do it again) My question is, why are the studios into movies that don't make money?!?! If I pitched a politcal drama about (fill in the blank political figure) that ensued after (fill in the blank scandal) of (fill in the blank year), It'll get read and someone's interested... however, the 100's or 1,000's of original horror scripts that get tossed around never make anyone's "to do" list unless they're based on a book, written by someone who previously wrote political thrillers or is a remake of a classic horror film that should not be remade.

Where's all the original, kick-ass horror scripts? Right now, being produced on shoestring budgets and distributed independently, but that'll change... one day.

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