Monday, December 17, 2007

Machine Girl Trailer - best trailer I've seen in a long time...

What do Asian filmmakers "get" that we, in North America, don't?!?! Check out this trailer for "Machine Girl", if you don't want to check it out after seeing this, there's something seriously wrong with you. ...or, on the flip side, maybe there's just something seriously wrong with me, I don't know.

What could the budget of this been? I'm betting $2Million, at best. Further, this movie's got buzz and I'm betting that everyone involved makes money... from the investors and whatever studio's involved, to the producers all the way down to the distributors. Is it the plot? Nope... looks pretty simple - you kill my family, now I'm going to kill all of you. Is it the acting? Judging from the trailer, I seriously doubt it. Is there a big name attached? Not as far as I know.

When I see a trailer like this, I just scratch my head and wonder, "why the hell are the studio's stuck on just remaking stuff?" The only people taking risks anymore are the truly independent filmmakers - guys like the crew that made "Murder Party", which... on a side note, if you haven't seen, you must. I mean, do you think a studio would take a risk on something like this? "Hey, we've got an idea. Cute schoolgirl's family gets killed, she loses a limb or two. Then, she makes weapons to attach to the nubs that are left behind and goes on a killing spree. What do you think?" "Well, that sounds interesting... but, our next movie is a remake of "Pumpkinhead" that we're dumping $100Million into it and it stars George Clooney.

I really think that sooner than later, this, really, is where things are going. You'll see more, quality, lower budget films that are loaded with originality. They're easier to make and easier to make money on. Take note...

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