Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Box Office Gross for Horror Movies

I went through the numbers and here ya go, a list of what all theatrically released horror movies grossed at the box office in 2007.

In all honesty, it doesn't prove or show much, but there's a few interesting things to note. The most glaring thing that I can see is that the two highest grossing horror movies are rated PG-13. (edit: actually, "I Am Legend" didn't make it in this list for some reason, so, in fact, the top THREE horror movies are all rated PG-13) It may just be an anomaly and mean nothing, but let's just pretend that it does mean something. Let's just pretend that Hollywood now wants to pump out more PG-13 rated horror, so they can appeal to a broader audience. (Also, PG-13 is the top-rated MPAA rating of the last 10 years) If you consider that the top three highest grossing horror movies of 2006 were "Saw III" at #27, "The Omen" at #55 and "Final Destination 3" at #56, which were all R rated and that 2005 had "Saw II", "The Ring II" and "The Amityville Horror" as the top three grossing films (of which only "The Ring II" was PG-13), it's the first time in a while that the top films are PG-13. So, if you see things trending towards more 'big-budget' PG-13 horror in the theaters, that should create a demand for R rated horror on DVD because that fan base will be forced to look elsewhere... which could open up the DVD market for low budget horror filmmakers. So, a negative could really be a positive. ...or it could mean nothing, who knows?

Another thing to note is that this list is box office gross, it has nothing to do with DVD sales and if you look near the bottom, there's a lot of films that didn't do much in the theater's, but are doing well on DVD. (Think "Hatchet", "Descent" and "Leslie Vernon")
The number is where they're ranked overall and I included the rating just for kicks...

#30 - Disturbia (PG-13)

#32 - 1408 (PG-13)

#36 - Saw IV (R)

#39 - Halloween (R)

#43 - Resident Evil: Extinction (R)

#56 - 30 Days of Night (R)

#61 - Pan's Labyrinth (R)

#66 - The Messengers (PG-13)

#67 - The Number 23 (R)

#71 - Zodiac (R)

#79 - 28 Weeks Later (R)

#81 - Mr. Brooks (R)

#83 - Hannibal Rising (R)

#88 - The Reaping (R)

#89 - Grindhouse (R)

#92 - The Mist (R)

#102 - The Hills Have Eyes II (R)

#115 - Hostel: Part II (R)

#118 - Dead Silence (R)

#170 - I Know Who Killed Me (R)

#177 - P2 (R)

#187 - Black Christmas (R)

#206 - Blood and Chocolate (PG-13)

#222 - Captivity (R)

#248 - The Abandoned (R)

#261 - Skinwalkers (PG-13)

#271 - Paprika (R)

#273 - After Dark's Horrorfest 2007 (Not Rated)

#324 - Fido (R)

#395 - Rise: Blood Hunter (R)

#423 - Black Sheep

#441 - Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (R)

#500 - The Last Winter

#504 - Wind Chill (R)

#526 - The Tripper (R)

#573 - Descent (R)

#615 - Hatchet (R)

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