Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting Caught Up With A Couple Of Old Friends

I thought I'd share a few videos from some friends of Dead Harvey. The first one is from Jeff Palmer, who's still in promotional mode for his film, "The Sleeping Deep". We spoke with him a while ago, right after his script won the top prize at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in 2008. If you'd like to read our original post, where we interviewed him about the win, click here. Since then, he's made various trailers and promo pieces and is doing his best to get the film made, here's his latest 30 second teaser.

Next up is Blake Reigle, writer/director of the film "Beneath the Surface" and he's gone off and made a spec commercial for Bud Light. Now, if you're very observant, you may notice that the lovely lady in the spot is Alexis Peters from the upcoming "Hatchet 2". "Beneath the Surface" was an unreal film and we discussed it with Blake a while ago, here's the link to it. Otherwise, check out his spec commerical spot.

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