Thursday, November 20, 2008

Distributing Your Indie Film Part V: Imagination Worldwide, Well Go USA and Monarch Home Video

Back by extreme, popular demand, it's the fifth installment of "distributing your indie film"... and I only know it's popular because our indie horror distributors page is the most clicked on page on the site... and here I thought it may have been Brad's drunk ramblings or my arm chair insight into the industry. Guess not. Anyhow, most of the companies on the list right now are the obvious ones or bigger ones, but the three below came to my attention because they were the distributors for some of the films that we've recently discussed with their filmmakers. I do hope that one day our 'indie horror distributors' page will be a complete guide to the who's who of indie horror distribution, but until then it'll have to be a work in progress... which gives me an excuse to write about distributors every couple weeks or so and keep posting this girl in this shirt. She's an indie filmmaker.

Now, to just give you our little warning, we do think that you shouldn't rush into any deal that's offered to you. Send a package and screener to all these guys, then weigh your options. Also, always read the fine print on your contract. And, as usual, if any of you guys have stories, good or bad, that you'd like to share, let us know. We're a community here and we really need to look out for each other.

Imagination Worldwide is an international motion picture sales and distribution company based in L.A. Formed in 2003, it is owned by Chairman and CEO Pierre David and Reel One Entertainment. David has produced or executive produced over 100 movies, including "Scanners", "Videodrome" and "Deep Cover". Recently, they've distributed "The Zombie Diaries", "Five Across the Eyes" and "The Hamiltons", so they're big into the whole indie horror scene. Now, I'm not sure if they distribute themselves or if they work more as a sales agent for you, but either way, I've heard good things. If you head over to their site, you can go to their contact page and find the email addresses for everyone, including Travis Stevens, their director of Acquisitions & Marketing.

Well Go USA specializes in the acquisition and distribution of entertainment programs in the television, digital and video market throughout South East Asia and North America. They have extensive retail relationships and currently sell products directly to key mass merchants, specialty chains, record retailers and wide distribution. If you go to the site, you'll notice that they do a lot of exercise videos and kung-fu stuff, but don't fret. They also recently distributed "Beneath the Surface", "Zombies Anonymous" and "Death of a Ghost Hunter". They're big into the Asian market, so if you think your film caters to that audience, these guys may be the route to go. They're partnered with a bunch of guys, plus they distribute on to Amazon, Blockbuster, Best Buy, etc... Unfortunately, they don't have much of a contact us page, it's just a generic deal. However, there is still a way to get a message off to them there... so head over to their site and do it.

Monarch Home Video is one of the oldest indie distributors of home video products... and they were formed in 1989. They're a division of Ingram Entertainment, the largest wholesaler of prerecorded DVDs and video games in the US, so... that's good. Oddly enough, they're the guys behind all the "Ernest" films. However, recently, they've released films such as, "Conjurer", "Vampire Diary" and "Dark Remains". The good thing is that they actually have an acquisitions page on their site, as they're "always looking for new product". Right there on the page, however, they admit that they're looking for films with budgets in the $1M - $5M range with a marketing hook. My advice? Lie about your budget. Everyone does.

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