Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pauly Shore sues Wes Craven

Not really news worthy, but check this link out... Am I the only one who thinks that the fact that Pauly Shore lives right next door to Wes Craven is funny? First off, is Pauly Shore doing better than we think or is Wes Craven doing worse than we think? I guess if you consider that The Weasel just put in a pool, spa and new landscaping, I think it's that Pauly's doing better than we think. Royalties from "Encino Man", "Jury Duty" and "Bio-Dome" must be okay or The Comedy Club's making big dough, I don't know... maybe it just proves you only have to make it once, then you can live off your old celebrity. Kinda proves why the Corey's are still around, doesn't it?

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