Friday, February 1, 2008

Michael Bay, please take note

My last post was about how Michael Bay is remaking "Nightmare on Elm Street", "Friday the 13th", "The Hitcher", etc... read all about it, the post is just below this one. I was pleading that Hollywood should look at the low-budget indie horror that's coming out at the festivals and being independently distributed, not just ruin old franchises. So, I decided to look around a bit and it didn't take long to find out that at least some of Hollywood is doing just that...

/film posted that Dreamworks bought "Paranormal Activity" and plans to remake it. Now, this is exactly what I'm talking about. You can read what I had to say about "Paranormal Activity" here, but it's a low-budget indie, shot in a week with a handicam that screened at Slamdance and it just sold for almost seven figures. Not only that, the director, Oren Peli, gets to direct the new version for Dreamworks. How about that?

Hollywood Reporter wrote that another Slamdance film, "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer" sold to Anchor Bay for a mid-six figures. Since both "Paranormal Activity" and "Monster Slayer" were Slamdance films, I actually wrote about both of them in the same post. "Monster Slayer" was helmed by first time director, Jon Knautz and you'd have to think that Anchor Bay kinda made his day.

So, maybe Hollywood's coming around a bit... still a ways to go, though.

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