Monday, February 4, 2008

Link-apalooza - Feb 4, 2008

I'm a little hungover from the Superbowl, but I'll do my best to get through this post...

Robert Englund will not be playing Freddy Krueger in the remake - this was mentioned on a bunch of sites, I linked to the story. Without question, this is a travesty and will doom the revitalization of the franchise. "Nightmare on Elm Street" IS Freddy Krueger and Freddy Krueger IS Robert Englund, it's that simple. What will "Nightmare on Elm Street" be without Robert Englund as Freddy? Could you imagine, say, a "Halloween" movie without Michael Myers? I can, it was called "Halloween III: Season of the Witch" and it sucked, so will this. Boo...

Pirate Bay says it can't be sunk - Wired had this article about how Pirate Bay, the web's most notorious P2P file sharing site, will never be shut down. The interesting thing, I think, is that the guys who run it all have day jobs and don't make much money off the site. What it really goes to show is that P2P file sharing isn't going anywhere and Hollywood just needs to accept that. I've been reading about how the distributors are going to try to make it harder and harder to rip movies and upload them, how they're going to track them with watermarks, how they're going to shut the P2P sites down, blah, blah, blah... Look, guys - if you can make it, they can break it. Give it up and learn to live with it. Now, figure out how to use it to your advantage and stop your whining.

"George Romero's Diary of the Dead" is starting to get a lot of play, some of it negative. A lot of the negative is stemming from the fact that it's done in first person's perspective, just like "Cloverfield". To set the story straight, "Diary of the Dead" premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival WAY before "Cloverfield" came out in the theaters AND "Diary of the Dead" started filming on October 19, 2006, "Cloverfield" was filmed in mid-June, 2007. So, I'm pretty sure Romero had no idea that "Cloverfield" was doing the same thing... Further, I think you're going to see a lot of films done in that first person's perspective, so it's really not that unique of an idea. Regardless, fundementally, "Diary of the Dead" is supposed to more old-school Romero than, say, "Land of the Dead" and that's something to be excited about. Here's a clip from "Diary of the Dead" on and here's a link to the trailer on youtube, which has an intro by Romero. "Diary of the Dead" was produced independently through Romero's Romero-Grunwald Productions and Artfire Films on a fairly low budget, then premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was picked up by the Weinstein's four days later for $2.5 Million to be distributed through Dimension Films.

Contract outlined in writers strike - It looks like the WGA strike is finally coming to an end and although it barely changed my viewing habits, I'm sure the writers are going to be happy to get back to work. Also, a lot of Hollywood was very anxious to have the strike over by the time the Oscar's rolled around, as a lot of the nominated movies were "indie" films that bank on getting their 'Oscar bump', which is when audiences check out the movies after it's announced that they're nominated, talked about at the awards, etc. On a side note, if you noticed, there were a lot of ads for upcoming movies during the Superbowl and I think that may have had something to do with the fact that they were concerned that the Oscars may not happen. Usually, they dump a lot of money into ads around the Academy Awards (which some call the female Superbowl), but maybe they hedged their bets and bought time during the Superbowl, which happened to be the highest rated Superbowl ever with 97.5 Million viewers. For interests sake, that's actually the second most watched TV show in history, the final episode of "M-A-S-H" being the first.

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