Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Horror Links

This is going to be a huge work in progress, much like our film festivals section and our screenwriting section, but, hey... I'm working on it. If you'd like me to add a link to your site, let me know. Otherwise, I'll probably get to it eventually...

Articles/posts where Dead Harvey is mentioned

The Best "Best" Lists in Horror Movies, 2007 by Peter Gutierrez on Firefox News
Horror Films, posted by Drea Clark on the Slamdance website
A brief mention from Sinister Concepts. He linked to me, I'll link right back. He's got a pretty cool site... but I'm not local to Portland, but I do really like Portland.

General horror news and information - A great site for news, information and all things horror.
About them: This site is a relaxed and friendly environment to discuss horor movies, games, books and more. We take great pride in providing a friendly and fun place to discuss our favorite genre. A key point that we want to make is that there are alot of great horror sites and we are not in competition with any of them. This site exists to serve our own purposes, talk about the genre we love with fans who love it. - Another great site with piles of information on it. They also have an indie horror news section, which is really cool.
eSplatter - The independent source for horror. They have a great, regularily updated news section on the front page, which is what I check the most. They've also got some free movies in their esplatter TV section and some free wallpapers in their wallpaper section. - "The web's premiere site for horror movie reviews, discussion, culture and more." To be honest, the front page is a little bland with lots of ads, but once you start clicking through all the tabs and everything, it's a fairly in-depth and developed site.
Dread Central - These guys have a couple of great things going for the site. First off, they've got piles of information and news on the indie horror front, but they've got a lot of straight up, honest reviews and a great podcast that I recommend listening to. - They're part of the network and there's piles of information on the site. Most importantly, they feature 'mistresses of the week' and 'kill's of the day'. - A great resource for reviews on horror films and horror fiction. They review everything from big-budget horror, all the way down to micro-cinema schlock.
Ain't It Cool News - I'm assuming you've heard of it? It's Harry Knowles site, which is dedicated to rumors and reviews of upcoming and currently playing Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror and action films. Great gossip site... well, one of the best gossip sites, really. - Dead Lantern is a fairly regularily updated site with horror reviews, news and information. However, they also have a podcast called "The Splattercast", which is worth checking out.
Eat My Brains - A horror/cult/indie site that publishes the usual news, reviews and features, as well as competitions and reports from their bi-weekly 'Zombie Club Nights'.
I Can Smell Your Brains - Dedicated to horror and exploitation films, music and books, they cover news, reviews, gore girls, interviews, events, etc...
/film - is an alternative movie news and review blog... and it's insanely updated. They're a great resource for gossip, news and just cool stuff.
Shock Till You Drop - Another great site for news, reviews and all things horror. They have a really well laid out home page, so it's easy to browse and navigate.
Really Scary - It's not updated as regularily as some of the other sites, but they've got a very entertaining podcast that comes out every once in a while. A good site for news on horror movies, video games, comices, etc...
The Horror Review - A great site for horror, sci-fi and fantasy reviews. - I may have to slide this into another category, as it's really not about horror news or information. What they're doing is taking short horror films, like yours or mine, and they put them into compilations and try to get your film exposure and a bit of cash.
Crypt Club Productions - Also, this may have to go into a different category, but I'll leave it here until I fix up this page. They're an independent film production and distribution company, specializing in Horror & Dark Fantasy.
Horror Movies & Stuff - An awesome forum site, so if you want to discuss anything about horror. They're a great site to go to.

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