Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Teeth" explores 'vagina dentata', which is, of course, latin for... 'toothed vagina'

The reviews are in... Geoffrey Gilmore of the Sundace Film Festival said that "Independent filmmaking is at its most exceptional when it defies categorization, and "Teeth" is jaw-droppingly undefinable". Cinematical critic Scott Weinberg wrote, "Teeth is precisely the sort of genre movie that we need to see more of." Adrienne Shelly Foundation artistic director Mystelle Brabbee declared it "one of the most talked about films at Sundace Film Festival this year". The winner of the special jury prize, nominated for the grand jury prize at Sundance... "Teeth" is about a vagina that eats people.

"Teeth" is the first feature film written and directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein, who's probably best known for his acting roles in "Streamers" and "The Wedding Banquet", but he's now working on a couple of other projects, neither of which are horror or have anything to do with flesh eating female genitalia. "Teeth" stars Jess Weixler in the lead role as 'Dawn', who I actually remember from an episode of "Law and Order", but she looks awfully familiar and I can't place where else she's from... anyone? Also in "Teeth" are John Hensley from "Nip/Tuck", Josh Pais, who you'll recognize from a few other things and Hale Appleman, who's really done nothing else of note, but he's only 20 or so. It premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and Lionsgate and The Weinstein's picked it up for release some time this year.

I haven't seen "Teeth", but I am looking forward to it. I'm being purely speculative here, but I'm assuming they mustered up a bit of a story to go along with the man-eating muff. Without a decent story, this isn't screening at Sundance to decent reviews, it would be co-starring Toxie and have an introduction by Lloyd Kaufman. (no insult intended) So, this proves a couple of things... first off, when films about a literal interpretation of vagina dentata are being green-lit, there's no shortage of ideas for films out there. Secondly, whatever you do write about, make it a good story. Story really will get you everywhere... You can film something any way you want, you can write about whatever you want, but it all needs to be based around a good, well-written story. After that, you can put in as many blood thirsty bearded clams in it as you want... within reason, of course.

Trailer for "Teeth"...

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