Monday, January 7, 2008

Countdown to "Cloverfield"

Fresh off the heels of writing a post about bad marketing, let's talk about brilliant marketing. Really, I have no idea if "Cloverfield" is going to be good or bad, but right now I don't care. The marketing behind it is creating huge buzz, I'm eating it up and I'll be one of the first guys in line to see it when it comes out on Jan 18.

I'm noticing that the studios are getting more into viral marketing and ways to engage the audience before their films hit the theatres. Good, complex marketing schemes that get people talking and gets the net all abuzz are, very simply, effective. They make people scour the internet, they make people ask around about the film and, most importantly, they get people in the seats. "The Dark Knight" is another example of some great viral marketing, but I won't get into that because I just talked about it in my last post... The brain behind "Cloverfield" is JJ Abrams and, if you didn't know, he's also the brain behind "Lost". So, he's no stranger to creating viral campaigns that create buzz. In fact, he's one of the pioneers, as far as I'm concerned.

To sum it up, when the "Cloverfield" teaser first screened before "Transformers" , they didn't show a title or anything, just the release date. Things have been slowly "leaked" over the last few months and it's all culminating right now, less than two weeks before it hits the screens. They still haven't even officially shown what the monster looks like, although I read an article this morning that thinks they figured it out, here's the link. Also, see below for the three clips that mysteriously ended up on youtube. I could rant on and on about all the other small stuff that they're doing, but this guy has an entire blog dedicated to it - here's the Link.

11 days to go...

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