Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Case Studies in Indie Horror

David Francis' "Awakening" AKA "Zombie Night II"

Andrew Merkelbach's "Dead Country"

Sean Dillon and Curtis Krick's "The Craving"

Miguel Gallego, filmmaker and brains behind "Aaaaah! Indie Horror Hits"

Scilla Andreen, CEO and Co-Founder of IndieFlix

Chris Penney's "Return of the Curse"

Bill Houser's "Martin Gimbley's Escape"

Gregg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen's "Five Across the Eyes"

Blake Reigle's "Beneath the Surface"

Warren Disbrow's "Haunted Hayride"

Billy Garberina's "Necroville"

Ken Daniels, Founder of The Fright Night Film Festival

Dav Kaufman's "13 Hours in a Warehouse"

Drea Clark, Executive Director of Slamdance

Jason Murphy's "Zombies Zombies Zombies: Strippers vs Zombies"

Claw, festival director of The Terror Film Festival

Brian Thomson's "Bungalow of the Damned"

Jim and Chris, festival directors of The Phoenix Fear Film Fest

Scream Queen, Melissa Bacelar of "Pink Eye" and "Skinned Alive"

Geno McGahee's "Evil Awakening"

Neil Kellen's "Abaddon"

Hoss Wuerslin, author of DeadBooks

Richard Hooban, Founder/Festival Director of Zero Film Fest

Actor, Writer and Producer Joshua Nelson

Drew Maxwell's "Guardians"

Gris Grimly's "Cannibal Flesh Riot"

Daniel Boneville's "Lily"

Denise Gossett, founder/festival director of Shriekfest

Erik Soulliard's "The Creek"

Actor Ted Alderman on "Scream Farm", "The Deepening" and "Vampyre Tales"

Alexandre Michaud's "Clean"

Kevin Wheatley and Jamie Bullock's "Beach Party At The Threshold Of Hell" Audio Interview

Carlos G Gananian's "Akai"

Nick Thiel and CJ Johnson's "Creepers"

Steve Kahn's "Ninja Zombies"

Christine Parker's "Forever Dead"

Michael Hein, festival director of NYC Horrorfest

Yossi Sasson's "Dead And Gone" Audio Interview

Neil Kaplan's "I, Of The Wolf"

Sarah Brock from "Scream Farm", "No Return", "Lounge Act" and others...

Yfke Van Berkelaer's "Zombie Love"

Michael Simon's "Gay Zombie"

Adam Matalon's "Death On Demand"

Stephen Zimmer's "Shadows Light"

Paul Traynor's "Witches' Night"

Matthew Broomfield's "Unholy Sideshow"

Sal Ciavarello's "The Wicked"

Jim O'Rear's "Scream Farm" and "The Deepening"

Joaquin Montalvan's "MOBIUS"

Marc Fratto's "Zombies Anonymous"

Jacob Cooney's "The Frolic" - Audio Interview

Paul Campion's "Night of the Hell Hamsters" and "Eel Girl"

FEWDIO & Nightmare House - Audio Interview

Roger Scheck's "Nobody Loves Alice"

Rob Hauschild & Keith Crocker's "Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69"

J. Michael Lewis & Jerod Brennen's "ATW: Bloodline"

Bill Holmes & Robbie Rist's "Stump the Band" - Audio Interview

Clint Hutchison's "Conjurer" - Audio Interview

Brett Sullivan's "The Chair"

Jonathan Ritter's "Cult Movie" - Audio Interview

Tom Madigan's "Dead Doornails" - Audio Interview

Brent Nowak's "Harvest Moon"

Kirk Bowman's "Bloodsucking Babes from Burbank" - Audio Interview

Michael R. Morris' "Fear House"

Jason Maran's "Satan's Whip"

John & Richard Chance's "The Veil"

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