Monday, January 28, 2008

Link-apalooza - a couple horror related links with some thoughts

A few links that I came across and my thoughts on them... I think I'll do this every Monday from now on.

'Spartans' win box-office battle - "Meet the Spartans" beats out "Rambo" and helps push "Cloverfield" to fourth, just behind "27 Dresses". I'm sorry, but... seriously? I have posted before on why I think stuff like this is happening, mainly because I don't think people are done with R-rated movies.... I just think that the R-rated audience is looking elsewhere for content, but this is sad... really, really sad. "Meet the Spartans" Wow.

Veoh Inks Deal With FearNet - FearNet will be launching a branded channel on Veoh in an attempt to reach a larger audience, as they don't have much of an audience as is. Veoh is, according to their website, "a diverse, virtual community of indie publishers coming together with their new audiences" and FearNet is, according to their website, "a cutting edge network that brings horror fans uninterrupted FEAR 24/7 wherever and whenever they want". FearNet, by the way, is a joint venture between Comcast, Sony Pictures and Lionsgate, which doesn't sound like an "indie publisher" to me... to be honest, I'm not a fan of FearNet, mostly because it's just a huge marketing tool and it could be much, much more, but I do like that this is happening... because it could work, if they did it for the right reasons, but they're not.

3-D, Zombies and Secrecy: Geekiest Films at Sundance 2008 - Wired covered Sundance and wrote a blurb about their 12 favorite films at Sundance. I like Wired... and zombies, so... I like this link.

Horror Movie Razzie Nominations - wrote a list of all the horror movies that were nominated for Razzie's, which... if you didn't know, are the "worst of" awards. Lindsay Lohan's "I Know Who Killed Me" received a LOT of nominations this year.

The Kentucky Horror Show - The orginal name of the film was "The Kentucky Fried Horror Movie", but they changed it because KFC threatened to sue. A few blogs and websites were all pissed off because the "corporation" was suing the "little guy", but you can't buy that kind of promotion! These guys haven't even started filming yet and they've got a huge buzz about the film. If I was them, I'd be jumping for joy when I got that email from their lawyers. Not to mention, the site and artwork look fantastic. Can't wait...

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