Friday, October 16, 2009

Three Thoughts and A Cocktail

I don't know about where you are, but here... it's officially Fall. So, to celebrate, let's share a good, Fall cocktail. It's called a 'Dr. Morgan'. First, you take 2 oz (minimum) of Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Rum, then add a splash of Dr. Pepper Soda... and stir together in a highball glass that's filled with ice cubes. Delicious.

So, as happens about once a month or so, I've been dealing with internet problems this morning... I finally got it working again, but now I only have a short period of time before I have to head out. However, there are a few, cool things that came through my inbox this week and I wanted to share.

First off, we've been talking about "Paranormal Activity" quite a bit and so we should. It's a film that was born from our little world of micro-budgets that broke through to the big time and launched a career. Really, all we can hope is that this story shines just a bit of the spotlight on the indie scene and maybe, just maybe, it can help other filmmakers out... in any case, did a piece on writer/director Oren Peli and it discusses the film, what it's done for him and what's next for him. Here's a link to the article, it's pretty cool... even though it downplays how long it took for the film to get to this point.

I was reading an article on Indieflix that directed me over to a blog by Jon Reiss. He's a filmmaker, but he also just wrote a book called "Think Outside The Box (Office): The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution And Marketing For the Digital Era". I'm going to do my due diligence and look in to the book a bit more and I may actually try to reach out to Jon to see if he'll talk with us, but I highly recommend you look into it, too. As an indie filmmaker, you really need to know about marketing. It's essential knowledge. Even if you have someone doing the marketing for you, you should know how to be marketable. Really, at absolute worst, you should read through his blog every once in a while. There's some great info in there. Here's a link.

Lastly, I'm going to embed episode one of a new web series called "The Scare Game". It's a horror/comedy series from Uncanny Entertainment that's cast and crewed out of New Mexico. Season one will consist of thirteen 7 - 10 minute episodes exploring horror, voyeurism and fandom...

Have a great weekend... see you next week.

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