Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Linkapalooza - May 6, 2008

And now... on it's new day, LINKAPALOOZA!

I Can Smell Your Brains Cinema presents Street Trash - I love what the guys over at I Can Smell Your Brains are doing... having a classic, low-budget horror film screen every other week or so and inviting the filmmaker, actors or writers in to discuss it. This time around, they're screening the 80's classic, "Street Trash" and actor Bill Chepil will be there for a Q & A and sign autographs. If you're anywhere close to Chandler, AZ, you should go check it out...

Blu-ray Disc Hardware Not Picking Up Steam - this article is about how Blu-ray isn't selling like they predicted... and I'd like to point out that I just deleted a huge, long post on my opinions on this because I thought it was too long winded and I didn't want to bore anyone with my ramblings. So, instead, I'll summarize my points. If you really care about the history and my rationale, feel free to email me. So, here we go... Blu-ray (at least how it's marketed now) is about increased quality and, with technology going where it's going, we're not into quality. We're into quantity... and choice. Blu-ray discs have ten times the space on them, so what I think they should be doing is putting ten times the content on there. Further, why replace a medium that has nothing wrong with it? When's the last time anyone complained about DVD's because the quality sucks? Lastly, if you are going to change something, get rid of the disc all together, we want it on demand and/or digitally... and I want more options. I want to scroll through an endless library of films, pick what I want and have it play instantly. I don't give a flying F if it's in 1080p. 720p will do just fine... thank you.

The complete eejit's guide to Filmmaking - I'm not sure how useful this is for our readers, but if you're just starting out, it's worth a look-see. I'm not sure how I came across it, but it's goes through some basics, such as "how to get your movie online" and "creating dramatic structure for screenplays". It goes through fundamentals... and I think there's more Hollywood studio execs who should go through this than low-budget indie filmmakers, but hey... that's just my opinion.

AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits - They have a pretty cool concept going that I KNOW a lot of you would be interested in. Basically, they take indie horror shorts that are just collecting dust, put them together and sell them as a compilation... and split the profits with you. A blurb from their website - "AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits was created by filmmakers for horror fans and filmmakers alike. We've made short horror films and we want discerning audiences to enjoy them long after their all-too-brief film festival runs. Let's face it. Most short horror films don't have much - if any - life beyond a handful of genre festivals in a few scattered cities. For horror fans and filmmakers, that's really scary. We aim to resurrect the best of the best of these horror films and unleash them in compilations for viewers everywhere to enjoy over and over..."

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