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Film Fest Friday - Fantastic Films Weekend, Phoenix Fear Fest and updates from PAGE

I've got a couple things going on here for Film Fest Friday. First up, I've got a bunch of info on the upcoming, 7th Fantastic Films Weekend that takes place in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Now, for all of us over here in North America, we shouldn't overlook festivals that are in the UK or elsewhere overseas... it may not be easy to attend, but you can definitely submit your films. As for North American festivals, I just found out the new dates for the Phoenix Fear Fest... and, there's some success stories from the PAGE Screenwriting Awards.

The 7th Fantastic Films Weekend 2008 starts on Friday, June 13th and ends Sunday, June 15th and the venue, as always, is the National Media Museum, based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. They sent out a big email and here's who's going to be there and what's going to screen...

We are delighted to be able to confirm the final Guest of Honour line-up at this year’s FFW. Back by popular demand is Robert Fuest, who was a big hit back in 2006 when we screened And Soon the Darkness and The Final Programme. This year we’ll be absorbing ourselves in the wonders of his Phibes films. Peter Duffell joins us for a screening of his Amicus anthology The House That Dripped Blood and jetting in from Belgium will be Harry K├╝mel, the maestro behind Daughters of Darkness and Malpertuis. Both films are playing during FFW. Finally, meet the team responsible for Tigon’s Blood on Satan’s Claw. Director Piers Haggard – grandson of H. Rider Haggard - will be appearing alongside Robert Wynne-Simmons, who wrote the script. Yes, we would like to include Angel Blake herself, aka Linda Hayden, in the line-up. No, we haven’t got her. All guests appear subject to work (and other) commitments. Unfortunately, Jimmy Sangster has been forced to withdraw due to ill health. We wish him well. And Jenny Agutter has sent her apologies as filming on her new TV series means she will be working over the weekend.

Here's what's playing on each day of the festival:

Friday: Brain Dead TBC, Count Dracula (Pt 1), The Nightmare Man (Pt 1), Spine Tingler!, Vampire Diary, Schalcken the Painter, Black Christmas, Vigilante, Outland 70mm, An American Werewolf in London, The Mist, Val Lewton: The Man in the Shadows

Saturday: ...And Now the Screaming Starts!, Scars of Dracula, Maelstrom (Episode 2), The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Malpertuis, The Day of the Triffids (Pt 1), Dr. Phibes Rises Again!, Z for Zachariah, Savage Streets, Screentalk: Robert Fuest, Poltergeist 70mm, The House That Dripped Blood, Screentalk: Peter Duffell, The Thing 70mm + intro by John Carpenter

Sunday: Cat People, The Most Dangerous Game, Short Films, Dracula (digital), Chiller: Toby, Blood on Satan's Claw, Children of the Stones: Into the Circle, Grindhouse double-bill, Frankenstein, Screentalk: Piers Haggard + Robert Wynne-Simmons, Daughters of Darkness, Terminator 2: Judgement Day 70mm, Screentalk: Harry Kumel, Hell's Ground

In addition there will be daily screenings of I Am Legend at 8.30pm in the IMAX auditorium.

Also, they are already accepting entries for FFW 2009. Filmmakers with new films that fit the themes of the Fantastic Films Weekend are encouraged to submit their work for consideration. The FFW accepts live action, animation and documentary films in both short and feature-length formats.

For more information on the festival, the films in the festival and how to submit your film for next years festival, you can go to their website. The also have a Facebook fans page.

The Phoenix Fear Festival is now scheduled for Saturday, August 30th... Here's some info from their website:

We're back!!! After the great success of our first event - and after a few setbacks (our scheduled 2007 venue closed), plus an appropriate period to recover! - we're delighted to announce the second incarnation! Bigger! Gorier! Saturday-er! We're moving to the Chandler Cinemas, and this time, we've moved to the weekend proper, by popular demand.

We just issued our first call for entries, so we'll soon begin the task of sorting through the films, both feature and short, to see what gems we can find. We're already looking forward to the event, and have a lot of exciting plans in prospect. Stay tuned here for more info...

For more information on the Phoenix Fear Fest, you can go to their website.

Finally, some news from the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards that might get you off your ass and start writing...

My favorite days here at the PAGE Awards are those when I get to announce good news from our winning screenwriters. So today is a great day! As you know, the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards competition has earned a reputation for discovering and promoting some of the most talented new screenwriters from across the country and around the world. Many of our winning writers are now building careers in the industry:

24 PAGE Award winners have optioned or sold their winning scripts
12 PAGE Award winners have acquired representation
11 PAGE Award winners have landed screenwriting assignments
10 PAGE Award winners have movies or television shows in production, aired or released

In the latest news…
Legendary producer Fred Roos (THE GODFATHER, APOCALYPSE NOW, LOST IN TRANSLATION) has signed on to produce Dylan Costello’s 2005 Bronze Prize-winning feature CORONADO. Anne Goursaud is attached to direct. The 2007 Gold Prize-winning drama SLUGGER, by Jimmy Miller, has been optioned by Barn Door Pictures. Acclaimed actress/director Mary Stuart Masterson (FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, BENNY & JOON, DIGGING TO CHINA) is attached to direct. The 2006 Silver Prize-winning family film I’LL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND, by Jennifer Boch-Wawrzyniak, has been optioned by producer Julie Richardson (COLLATERAL, THE MIDNIGHT MAN) and Imaginarium Entertainment. And the new short film DOUBLE, by 2005 Gold Prize winner Keith Ray Putman, is currently screening in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival. The psychological thriller was written and directed by Putman and stars Avery Clyde (“Dawson’s Creek,” “N.C.I.S.,” “Medium”).

We're extremely proud of these talented writers, and we're very excited about our fifth anniversary competition. This year our judges will once again present 31 awards in ten different categories. The winning writers will receive over $30,000 in cash and prizes, including a $10,000 Grand Prize, as well as extensive publicity and industry exposure for their winning scripts. If you've already entered this year's contest, thank you for the opportunity to read your work! Our judges tell us that they’ve already read some wonderful screenplays and they’re very excited about sending them up to the next round of judging. If you haven't yet entered our 2008 contest, we’re offering you one last chance to submit your script. Our Final Entry Deadline is Saturday, May 31st. But this is your last chance to enter this year’s contest. In order to be eligible for our 2008 Awards, your entry must be postmarked or submitted online by midnight Saturday, May 31st. We'll be announcing this year’s Semi-Finalists on August 1st. Finalists will be posted on September 1st. And the 2008 PAGE Award Winners will be announced on October 1st. Will your name be on that list?

For more information on the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, you can go to their website.

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