Thursday, May 15, 2008


I've been slammed, busy with personal life and day job duties lately, but thank God new Dead Harvey team member, Brad Paulson, hasn't been... He's been drinking his face off, watching indie horror screeners and, generally, enjoying his own company while, also, prepping for a new indie horror that he's co-writing and directing. (more on that later) However, you can only spend so much time by yourself, drunk. So, he's got a message to all indie horror filmmakers in the L.A. area who are looking to network a bit, shoot the shit, get some promotion and have a beer or two. A note from esteemed Dead Harvey team member Brad Paulson:

Damn, this Mai-Tai is good. Very tasty. So is this Red Nectar ale. Don't worry, that statement wasn't sponsored. This is an independent site, after all. Seriously though, if any beer companies or any one representing a beer and/or hard alcohol company is reading this blog and wants to sponsor Dead Harvey in all it's artistic endevors, you can email me at or Ted at and we'll email you an address to send the booze to on the asap. Coupons also work, just so you know. Okay, time to move on with what's new...

Next up, I will be interviewing the director of "Blood Sucking Babes From Burbank" for a Dead Harvey exclusive. Furthermore, I'm going to seize this opportunity to put the call out to all the indie filmmakers that have sent me screeners and, of course, those who haven't. Contact me at and, if you live in los angeles, I will buy you a beer and we'll do an interview for the site about the movie you're promoting and your company.

I'm looking forward to the, B.S.B.F.B. interview since I've been a resident of the Burbank area for the last few years.


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