Monday, November 19, 2007

Tons of money for indie filmmakers, seriously

Apparently there's tons of money out there for indie filmmakers, or so says "Hollywood Today" in this article.

A weak currency will always attract filmmakers and producers from other countries, it's simple economics - they come over and pay a fraction of what it would cost to film in their home country. This has always worked against the U.S., driving Hollywood studio's to places like Canada, Mexico and overseas. However, I never really thought about foreign investors and distribution. Effectively, an investor from, say, the U.K. can now fund a $500K project in the U.S. for around half of what it would've cost him a year ago. So, what does this mean? I guess you're going to have to write scripts that'll gain the interest of overseas investor. What kinds of stories do overseas investors like? Good question, let me know when you figure it out... until you do, I'm going to write a script where a British police chief buys a haunted Italian Villa next to a lake that's inhabited by a huge, mutant lizard that steals children and regurgitates them out into a Chinese rock garden.

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