Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New low-budget Horror available today - Nov 27, 2007

Only a few DVD's to report about today, so few that I'll even talk about the rerelease of "The Omega Man". (if you didn't know, "The Omega Man" is basically a previous version of "I am Legend" - it's actually the second movie to be made from the original Richard Matheson novel) Then there's the made for TV and should've stayed there, "Skinwalkers", as well as "This Hollow Sacrament" and "Day X".

"Skinwalkers" is "from the producers of "Resident Evil" and the director of "Jason X", who would be Don Carmody and James Isaac, respectively, and it marks the first collaboration between Lionsgate and Constantin Films. Shot entirely in Canada, the coolest thing about this movie is definitely the poster. Seriously, it's a cool poster. I can't say much good about the movie, so I won't say anything at all. However, if you want to see what Lionsgate marketing dollars look like, check out the website. Hell, they didn't even need the website, they had me at the poster... and it really is a cool poster.

"This Hollow Sacrament", distributed by Unearthed Films, is the only true independent horror being released this week. It's written, directed and produced by Greg William Stechman and was made between August and December 2005 with a budget of $200,000. It's based on the true events around the murder of four young women in Northern California in the late 1990's and the subsequent criminal investigation. Stechman's been called "an original voice in the popular serial killer subgenre". It's his debut film, so buck up and check it out, the buzz is really good.

"Day X" is being released by Image Entertainment, even though I read that it was actually made in 2005. 'As a mysterious outbreak transforms the general populace into a throng of marauding, flesh-eating creatures, eleven strangers find themselves trapped in an abandoned steel mill." So, it's a zombie movie... I can't find out much else, but it's only 81 minutes long, so I'll check 'er out. Can't be THAT much of a waste of time.

Okay, so "The Omega Man" is being released on DVD again and why not? "I am Legend" comes out this Friday, may as well try and make a few extra bucks, huh? Anyways, "The Omega Man" was made in 1971 and stars everyones favorite gun-toting republican, Charles Heston. It's the second version of the novel, the first being "The Last Man on Earth", starring Vincent Price. "The Omega Man" really is a pretty good movie, even though it could be viewed as kind of goofy now... however, if you're interested and haven't seen it, it's worth a watch.

New on DVD - November 27, 2007:

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