Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Dead Feed - An Interactive Web Series

I've had various meetings with different producers and industry folks over the last little while about some projects that we're trying to get off the ground and what I've found to be very interesting is how much clout is given to online status.  I guess it makes sense, it's something that's measurable.  What's crazy is... and I don't mean to take anything away from the festivals, they're very important... but if your video on Youtube has over 1 million hits, you're going to get noticed faster than if you win best picture at a film festival.  Not only that, your ranking on imdb matters, anything on Youtube matters, how many unique visitors your site gets, whatever.  Long and short, if you've got Google juice, you can use that to your advantage and it can open up doors.

The truth is, how we use the internet for entertainment purposes is still in it's infancy.  Sure, the internet can deliver a film to you through Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, whatever...  but that's just a delivery mechanism.  How about really using all the tools that are out there?  Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.  Now, what if we actually start integrating these?  We're starting to see experimentation and when one of these projects rises to the top and gets noticed, we could see a revolution in how online is used for entertainment.

So, who's doing this?  Well, I received an email from James O'Connor about a month or two ago.  He's part of a new interactive web series called THE DEAD FEED.  The first episode aired a while ago, on August 17th, but a new episode has aired every two weeks.  The series follows three groups of people during the start of a zombie apocalypse and it's truly interactive... it utilizes Facebook, Twitter and users can upload Vlogs and more.  If you want to check it out, their Youtube channel is called "The Deadfeed" or you can just go to www.deadfeed.com and watch there.  When there, you'll also find all the links to the characters Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, etc.  The teaser video is embedded below.  It's a very cool idea and we wish them the best of luck.

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