Thursday, October 11, 2012

Press Release - Season of Darkness

Hey guys, thought I'd share the press release that I received for Jay Woelfel's upcoming flick, "Season of Darkness".  You have to like that cast...  Tim Thomerson, Tiffany Shepis?  Also, if you have a press release for your film or you're looking for some promotion, please let us know.  More than happy to promote indie horror!

Director Jay Woelfel (Closed for the Season) has just released the first trailer, poster and production stills for his upcoming gore-gasm, Season of Darkness.  Please find the latest for Season of Darkness below:

Season of Darkness

“He escaped his insanity only to face a darker reality.”

Director Jay Woelfel (Closed for the Season) returns to horror with a psychological tale of mistaken identity. Woelfel’s Season of Darkness is a story that focuses on a protagonist who is an escaped mental patient.  He finds release daunting and strange. Once free, the public believes Dwight is actually a successful motivational speaker named Artemus Finch. Unsure of what is real and what is imagined, Dwight eases into his new role as Finch. But, there is a price to pay for Dwight’s new fame and loving wife.

Shades and faceless figures pursue him at every turn and they threaten Dwight’s love for Ellen. Will Dwight succumb to madness, or will he face his troubles head on?

Season of Darkness stars Richard Hatch (“Battlestar Galactica), Tiffany Shepis (Night of the Demons) Tim Thomerson (Trancers, War Wolves) and Nick Baldasare as Dwight (Beyond Dream’s Door, They Bite) in a classic tale of horror. To pay homage to past tales of the macabre, Season of Darkness was exclusively shot on 35mm film to enhance the dark and moody atmosphere of the film. This is a tale of true psychological horror few will forget.
The film’s logline:
“Dwight Stroud, a mental patient, escapes from an asylum seeking true freedom only to find horrifying insanity in the outside world.”

Director/writer: Jay Woelfel.

Producer: Lawreen Yakkel.

Cinematographer: Scott Spears.

Makeup/special effects: Brian Spears, Peter Gerner, Beki Ingram and John Ellis.

Cast: Nick Baldasare, Amanda Howell, Tim Thomerson, Richard Hatch and Tiffany Shepis.

*this title is the most recent collaboration between Emmy Award winning collaborators: Jay Woelfel and Scott Spears.

The first trailer for the film is here:

**premiere date: TBA shortly.

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