Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, this is actually a bit of double whammey. Dead Harvey's Brad Paulson interviews 'Cult Movie' writer/director, Jonathan Ritter AND, if you're interested, Ritter will be hosting a free screening of 'Cult Movie' this Thursday, June 12, at the Studio Stage, 520 N. Western. Los Angeles, Ca 90027 and you, yes YOU, are invited. Further details are included in the flyer that's at the bottom of this post. No, the double whammey isn't that there's free beer, although there is free beer. The double whammey is that Dead Harvey's own Brad Paulson will be screening his film, "Resevoir Drunks", right before "Cult Movie", so come on down and join the party! Now, on to Brad...

Ritter's film, 'Cult Movie', is a mockumentary about a reporter and his cameraman that get granted an exclusive interview inside a cult. On the surface lurks the promise of salvation and a place for kids to party like they're frat boy rocks stars, but underneath it all lurks a far more menacing agenda.

I sat down to interview Jonathan Ritter over awesome greasy pizza at Little Tony's in North Hollywood. His can do attitude shined forth with each question. It was apparent that Ritter has encountered his fair share of challenges, but clearly has the end game in sight at all times. My thanks to Ritter for the interview and for lending his own original and darkly comic twist to the genre.

clip 1 - Casting
clip 2 - Getting Lloyd Kaufman
clip 3 - Pre-production
clip 4 - Locations
clip 5 - Locations pt. 2
clip 6 - The pros of being in a band
clip 7 - Directing approach
clip 8 - What changed from the script
clip 9 - Music and movies

For more information on Ritter, you can check out his two Myspace pages: and

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