Friday, March 7, 2008

Film Fest Friday... who's accepting submissions right now

As always, go check out Horror Film Festival section, but to update everyone...

The SXSW Festival starts up today in Austin, TX and runs through to March 15th... Here's a great article that I just read on it - link. I had no idea it was such a big deal and I think I'm going to make plans to go to it next year. If you're around Austin over the next week, you should drop by.

Also, I thought it would be a good time to let everyone know which festivals are currently accepting submissions. I've listed them all below, click on the name to be taken to their site... or, in most cases, directly to their submission page. They're in order of the date of the festival, starting with the ones coming up the quickest, if you're interested.

Film Festivals that are now accepting submissions:
Dead by Dawn
Fantastic Films Weekend
Fright Night Film Fest
FILM 4 FrightFest
Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival
Toronto International Film Festival
Dark Carnival Film Festival
HP Lovecraft Film Festival
Chicago Horror Film Festival
Eerie Horror Fest
Hollywood Film Festival & Film Threat
Freak Show Horror Film Fest
Sacramento Horror Film Festival
The B Movie Film Festival
Rhode Island International Horror Festival
South African Horrorfest

Going through all that made me realize how much work I still have to do on our film festivals section. If you have any updates or news on the festival front for me, please email me and let me know.

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