Sunday, March 30, 2008

Film Fest Friday - I Can Smell Your Brains Cinema

Once again, Film Fest Friday comes a little late this week - sorry, Friday's are always a tough day to get a post up. This week I'm going to cover something that the guys over at are doing, which is a great opportunity for any indie-horror filmmaker and it's just a pretty damn cool idea, period. They're based down in Scottsdale, AZ and they're teaming up a local theater, Chandler Cinemas, to give a theatrical release to indie horror films that usually don't get them. Each month, they're going to screen a different indie film and make it into an event by having Q&A sessions with directors and actors, plus have autographed items for sale and giveaways. It's really a win/win for audiences, filmmakers and everyone involved. The events will be called I Can Smell Your Brains Cinema and here's a couple paragraphs from their press release...

I Can Smell Your Brains Cinema is the latest addition to roster of the newly managed Chandler Cinemas. Horror film fanatics Danny Marianino and Brandon Kinchen, the two proprietors of Arizona’s monster movie home base I Can Smell Your Brains .Com, have teamed up with Chandler Cinemas to bring a more personal look to independent films that do not get a widescreen release.

“We’re busy, no doubt”, Danny adds. With I Can Smell Your Brains Cinema they are just going to get busier. “So far we had a very successful weekend with Bikini Bloodbath for our first showing the weekend of Feb 22nd. For the weekend of March 21st we have booked The Quick and the Undead – a Zombie Apocalyptic Western that is awesome! I have also confirmed Death of a Ghost Hunter, Death Factory –Bloodletting (including a Q&A with directors), Black Devil Doll, New York Blood (including a Q&A with actors), Street Trash (including a Q&A with actor), and Puppet Show. Our original plan was to show once a month but I am getting bombarded by directors and film studios so we may do it twice a month, we shall see. Everyone has been so open to the idea hopefully this carries on to other states as well.”

I think it's an awesome idea and, hopefully, stuff like this catches on in other markets. In fact, maybe Dead Harvey should do something like this up here...

Here's a link to the I Can Smell Your Brains website and for bookings and more information on I Can Smell Your Brains Cinema, you can email:

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