Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Slamdance winner gets script produced

The Slamdance film festival takes place in Utah at the same time as the Sundance Film Festival, but it aims to be a "true" independant film festival by being a festival by filmmakers, for filmmakers and most entrants are beginning directors with limited or no budget. In addition to the films, they produce one film per year from their Horror Screenplay Competition. This year, that script was "Slaughter" by British writers Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby.

Slamdance made the deal with Angel Baby Entertainment and Maverick Films, it's in its first year and "Slaughter" is the first film to be made under the agreement. Dominique Swain will star in the film and Victor Garcia will direct it. Swain will star as a young actress who travels to a remote island to act in a movie called "Slaughter", only to discover that her and her co-stars have been cast in a snuff film.

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