Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New on DVD - October 30, 2007

Considering that it's the day before Halloween, I'm pretty surprised that there's next to no decent horror movies getting released today - actually, check that, there's NO decent horror movies getting released today, considering the big release of the week is "Captivity", starring Elisha Cuthbert. "Captivity" could be the movie that ended the torture horror subgenre that "Hostel" started. On paper, it's got everything going for it, but... guess what? It sucks. Then, there's a massive step down to "The Initiation of Sarah", which is based on a 1978 TV movie... okay, haven't seen it and probably won't. I will say that I may have to get the, new to DVD, but not so new horror flick, "Basket Case 2". If you haven't seen the "Basket Case" movies, you're missing out... big time. However, if "Basket Case 2" is just coming out now, where's "Basket Case" 1 & 3? Maybe they're doing a whole Frank Henenlotter thing, as he's the director of the "Basket Case" movies and also made "Brain Damage", which is being rereleased, also. "Brain Damage" is definitely worth checking out, but... believe me, it's no "Basket Case". What else is out this week? Piles of old, mediocre, foreign horror films, such as "Hell of the Living Dead", "Study Hell", "Rats: Night of Terror" and "Insane in the Brain". Wait for next week, when we finally get "Amateur Porn Star Killer", "Blood Monkey" and "She Wolves of the Wasteland". Slow couple weeks...

New on DVD - October 30, 2007:

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